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Samsung Introduces IoT Processors, ‘Exynos iT100’

Samsung introduced a new processor for the Internet of Things (IoT) device. Named Exynos iT100. Learn more this processor below.

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Samsung introduced a new processor for the Internet of Things (IoT) device. Named Exynos iT100, this processor is designed to be embedded in small-sized IoT devices such as gas detection devices, temperature controllers, window sensors, and smart lights.

Besides IoT, Exynos iT100 can also be used as a ‘brain’ for wearable devices. Samsung said the processor was designed to support wireless data communications at close range, precisely less than 100 meters.

Quoting ZDNet, Exynos iT100 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Zigbee 3.0 connections and is able to withstand high temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius.

In addition to making data communication more efficient, this processor also features a security sub-system for data encryption.

Each Exynos iT100 processor has a unique identity so it cannot be cloned physically. Just like its predecessor, the Exynos iT100 is also built with 28nm architectural technology.

Exynos iT100 itself is not Samsung‘s first IoT processor. The South Korean technology giant has been making special IoT processors since 2017.

Samsung’s debut in the realm of IoT processors starts with Exynos iT200 which is capable of connecting to WiFi networks. Then, last year, Samsung also released Exynos iS111 which uses an LTE modem.

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