How To See Everyone Who Has Ever Rejected You On Facebook


It takes less than 60 seconds to do and it appears there are a lot of people out there who are really intrigued about who has turned down their offer of an online friendship.

On Facebook, it is very possible to see everyone who had turned down your friend request, and not everyone knows or have seen this feature. Follow the steps below to see everyone who has ever rejected you on facebook.


  1. Open Facebook (in a browser, not the app)Facebook friends

  2. Click on the friend request tabFacebook friends 2

  3. Select ‘view all’ in the drop down menumenu

  4. Then click on ‘view sent requests’Facebook friends 3

Facebook friends 4


  1. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your friend request is not accepted by these people.
    I have some friend requests I haven’t either accepted or rejected.

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