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MTN Attached Fair Usage Policy On 500MB For N25 Pulse Night Plan

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Two days ago, Airtel secretly tweaked its 1hr & 2hrs SmartTRYBE hourly night plans to 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50, look similar to N25 MTN Pulse Night Plan. Despite this heartbreaking changes, subscribing to this new Airtel night plan has persistently failed.

I personally contacted CC to refund my money which they complied to, they refunded the money deducted as requested. Anyway, am not here to talk about Airtel, but to share with you the sweet-bitter experienced I noticed while using the N25 MTN night plan today.

The constant failures experienced when subscribing to Airtel Night plan encouraged me to try out the N25 MTN Night plan once again.

Normally, with only N25, this plan was set for a maximum of 500MB between the hours of 12am to 4am. However, after subscribing, I noticed a difference in the SMS response received;

I got this reply, “Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 12am and 4am. N25 has been deducted. Fair usage policy apply. Enjoy!”

I noticed “Fair usage policy apply”, this means something right!?

How I spent my 500MB & what happened subsequently.

After using up the usual 500MB data limit, my downloads stopped, however, I was able to use BBM (No Images), Facebook App & messenger, WhatsApp. My web browsers (Opera, Chrome, Default browser & UC Browser) didn’t open any website though. I uploaded a video on my Facebook page via Facebook page app; it worked but very slow.mtn night plan data usage

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In summary: MTN has secretly attached a fair usage policy on the N25 Pulse Night Plan. This seems like MTN Night Plan is now unlimited but restricts you by throttling speed, and also blocking internet access on some very important apps.

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The question now is, since all web browser isn’t working and internet stripped on some apps, do you think it’s necessary for the inclusion of a fair usage policy?

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  1. one trick i employ is to turn off my data connection and turn it back on after some seconds.

    PS. you can’t get full 500MB or 250MB expect 90-92% of it.

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