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Airtel 2G Plan Works On H+ Or 3G Broadband For Blackberry 10 Devices

The title of this post says it all, while people are not happy with the situation surrounding the controversial Airtel 2G plan, BlackBerry 10 users are there smiling. I’ve said quite a lot concerning this plan here.

Many Android users have almost given up their Airtel Sims due to the fallacious claims that, Airtel 2G Data Plan is a trick devised by Airtel to help in detecting Sims used with BB plan on Android. Hence, will help them in blocking your line from using Airtel 3GB for N1000 BlackBerry Plan on Android forever.

What a tale! People can lie o!!! If you’re having problems with setting up Airtel bb plan on MTK Android phones after using Airtel 2G plan, click here.

Airtel 2g data plans

How To Setup Airtel 2G To Work With 3G/H+ On BlackBerry 10 Phones

Step 1

Get any registered Airtel Sim, recharge and subscribe to Airtel 2G plans (2GB for N200 or 6GB for N500), details here.

Step 2

After getting an SMS of successful activation, switch your network to 2G only and browse for a while.

Step 3

Next is, switch your phone to 3G only. Enjoy the speed.

Step 4 (Optional)

If 3G network worked on your BlackBerry 10 phone, you can extend and share your data with other devices (Android, PC, iOS etc) by switching on your hotspot.

The device tested on; As a matter of fact and truth, I personally tested it on Blackberry Q10 & Z10. Try on other OS 10 phones and share your experience here with us.

There is no point wasting your money on other unreasonable BlackBerry 10 plans when you can spend just N500 for 6GB, the Airtel 6GB plan will last 28 days. Alternatively, N200 for 2GB will last 14 days. The ball is in your court.

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