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Setting Up The TECNO T-band

The T-Band is an innovative smart bracelet from TECNO, The T-Band has a stylish elegant design it tops up as a fashion accessory and a fitness band.

The T-Band is powered by a 38mAh Battery it may not seem much since we have powerbanks which have over 10,000 MAh but since the T-Band is not equipped with a display the ‘little’ 38 MAh battery can power it for two weeks, yes you can charge the T-Band twice a month!


How to pair

Rule No 1. The T-Band is always ON

For the TECNO Camon C9 the T-Band which is the associated application is pre-installed for any other model you should download the app from play store

Setup TECNO T-Band 2

Here is a link from play store

Once the T-Band is installed you should open it and log in it with a”TECNO account” which comes handy especially that TECNO has integrated this account in The HiOS,

The TECNO spot forum account is the TECNO Account and you require it to access TECNO’s online resources such as HIOS Themes.

You must sign in in the T-band if you don’t have the TECNO AccountRegister ,once you successful logs in, Turn ON Bluetooth and Locationand head to “MY” Section on the T-Band app and click on the“+ Please add your device” it will scan and you should now select the T-Band

Setup TECNO T-Band

The T-Band will light up and vibrate to indicate a successful pairing now you need to fine-tune some settings to your liking in the “preference section” first turn on accessibility for the T-band this enables the device to observe your actions and receive notifications.

You can also choose whether the T-band should vibrate only or light up and vibrate whenever there is a new incoming call or sms.

Setup TECNO T-Band

To display how many steps you have covered or the duration you have slept you need to sync your device with the T-Band

How to sync

Once you have connected the T-band head over to sports or sleep section and pull down to refresh (same way you refresh on instagram, Facebook or twitter) and you should see Data synchronization as shown
Setup TECNO T-Band

To learn more about the T-Band and its features Click here

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