South Korea Use Robot Barista in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19


For the sake of preventing the spread of Covid-19, a cafe in Daejeon, South Korea uses a robot barista to serve customers politely and quickly. The robot has absolutely no difficulty in carrying out its duties.

“Here is your Rooibos almond latte tea, please enjoy. It will taste even better if you stir it,” he said, as customers still reach for their drinks from a tray mounted on a large white capsule resembling a computer.

Not only that, the robot can also help people who apply social distancing in public places. Research director at Vision Semicon, Lee Dong-bae, said that smart tech factories are developing barista robots with state-run institutions.

Barista Robot in South Korea
Robot Barista in South Korea. (Photo / REUTERS / Kim Hong-Ji)

“Our system does not require customer interaction from order to delivery, and tables are arranged in sparse distances to ensure smooth movement of the robot, which is in accordance with social distance campaigns and maintains current distances,” he said.

Besides being able to make 60 types of copies, the robot can also communicate and transmit data to other devices and has automatic navigation technology.

“Robots are fun and easy because you don’t have to take your order,” said student Lee Chae-mi who is a customer at the cafe.

“But I’m also a little worried about the job market because many of my friends do part-time work in cafes and this robot will replace humans,” he continued.


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