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Spending in Mobile Apps Surges to New High

Here below are some of the new niches that Mobile App developers have cashed into, sending them smiling to the Bank. Learn more!

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A global pandemic has hugely affected how people carry out their day-to-day affairs, thanks to the Coronavirus. The various public health interventions instituted by the Governments of the world have resulted in unprecedented social disruption. As such, the citizenry has had to devise coping mechanisms to alleviate the stress of the new development. Top in the list of these coping mechanisms has been the tendency to spend too much time in Mobile Apps to accomplish the tasks rendered impossible by the restrictions imposed on social interactions.

Left with little to do outdoors, the gambling and betting industry has skyrocketed, with the Betway mobile app download rising to unprecedented heights within a short period. Most people enrolled and engaged in betting activities during the pandemic period.

The “stay at home orders” issued domestically and internationally resulted in closures of schools, non-essential businesses, and the general public workforce. The new development provided a golden opportunity for Mobile App developers to tap into their creative genius and integrate Technology with the moment’s demands, ushering in digital transformation.

The desire for people to move on with their lives amidst the pandemic has contributed to a surge of new mobile app installs worldwide. Consumers turned to Apps in an attempt to reorganize their lives around the new normal.

Here below are some of the new niches that Mobile App developers have cashed into, sending them smiling to the Bank.

Food and Drink Apps

food recipe cooking apps

The stay-at-home orders have led to the flourishing of food delivery and take-out Apps.  Some governments allowed restaurants to remain open with strict instructions to allow only take-out services, leading to an increased demand for Mobile Apps facilitating those services.

Social Commerce Apps

Virtual shopping has replaced the traditional brick-and-mortar store with Pinterest and Instagram increasingly becoming the new shopping mall.

Banking, Investment and Finance Apps

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UBA Mobile Banking App

Mobile App developers have had to cash in on demand for people to manage their finances, track down their investments, conduct trading activities and, generally, keep tubs with their banking affairs. Betting on mobile with Betway has also benefited from mobile banking apps.

Business Apps

With the dawn of work from home policies instituted by their respective governments, millions of office workers have resorted to video conferencing and other online platforms to keep abreast with office assignments, attend meetings, and manage office affairs. The Mobile App developers are keen on meeting the demand for a mobile workforce.

Health and Fitness Apps

fitness app

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Faced with the risks associated with sedentary lifestyles, which are grossly heightened by the minimized physical movements,  many people have turned to Mobile Apps for information on at-home exercises and activities that could help them keep fit and stay in optimal health.

The cessation of movement and the perception of hospitals as breeding grounds for Covid-19 has led to an increased demand for telehealth Apps.

Education Apps

Except for the health sector, no other facet of human existence has borne the brunt of the pandemic more than the Education sector. Millions of students in learning institutions have benefitted from the various platforms supporting virtual learning.

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This pandemic has introduced us to new ways of doing things. It will be difficult to go back to our default settings even when it is all over. From the look of things, mobile apps will continue dominating how humans do things; for example, Betway betting on the go seems to have unlocked infinite opportunities.

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