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This Link Will Help You Download & Reinstall Facebook On Blackberry O.S 6 & 7

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It’s nothing new that a lot of these social media apps had turned their backs on Blackberry. Am sure you must have gotten messages on your BB O.S 6 or 7 reminding you that WhatsApp updates would no longer be supported, not just WhatsApp, Facebook app and many more apps won’t be dishing out Updates on the legendary blackberry O.S anymore.

whatsapp BlackBerry

This is indeed a revolutionary time for blackberry and there is this irrational need for everyone to embrace Android, as they have waxed even stronger to be the top leading phone O.S.

Blackberry users must be wondering, now that everyone has turned their back on us…does it mean we won’t be able to download and install apps again? Some could be like, I want a downgrade if that’s the case!

Download Link

Anyway, here is a pint of hope for all ye BlackBerry OS 6 & 7 users. A brother shared this useful link, and I thought it might be of help for someone out that. So, should in case you intend to redownload the old Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, BBM and other social media apps back on your old BlackBerry device. Kindly follow the link below…

Click link here

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