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Top 10 Innovative EdTech Software Engineers in Africa

Here's a list of the top 10 innovative EdTech software engineers in Africa and the impact they are making on the education sector. Learn more!

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The education technology industry in Africa has been blessed with many great minds that are changing the game. Innovative EdTech software engineers in Africa are making a tremendous impact on the education sector. These individuals are revolutionizing the way education is delivered and accessed across the continent, using cutting-edge software solutions to break down barriers by making learning more accessible to all. Their learning apps, online platforms, and other software innovations are changing the face of education in Africa.

From Kenya to Nigeria to South Africa, these engineers are leading the charge in a field that is still in its early stages on the continent. They have a deep understanding of the needs of African learners and are using technology to create solutions that meet those needs in innovative ways.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, we will take a closer look at the top 10 innovative EdTech software engineers in Africa and the impact they are making on the education sector. So, get ready to be inspired by their incredible work and learn how they are changing the face of education in Africa!

List of 10 Top Innovative EdTech Software Engineers in Africa

1. Temitope Ogunsemo, Nigeria

Temitope Ogunsemo - EdTech Software Engineer in Africa
Temitope Ogunsemo, Nigeria

Temitope designed Krystal Digital, an ed-tech company that develops software solutions for schools and other educational institutions in Africa. He has a history of working in the information technology and services industry and has proven skills in Integration, Business Development, ITIL, Business Strategy, and Business Analysis. Temitope is a strong entrepreneurship professional and has a Master of Science (MSc) focused on Information Technology from The University of Salford.

2. Olumide Ogunlana, Nigeria

Olumide Ogunlana
Olumide Ogunlana, Nigeria

Olumide created PrepClass, an online learning platform that helps students prepare for exams and improve their academic performance. He is a fellow of the Mandela Washington Fellowship at Northwestern University and has bagged other degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Lagos.

3. Peace Hyde, Ghana

Peace Hyde
Peace Hyde, Ghana

Peace Hyde created Aim Higher Africa, a non-profit education-focused solution that provides scholarships and other educational resources to young Africans. She is an award-winning multi-hyphenate producer, journalist, TV host, creator, and activist. She created and executive produced Netflix’s first African reality TV show, Young, Famous and African. She has also produced and hosted flagship talk shows and a Vice News documentary. Hyde was named one of the 100 most influential young people in Africa and was shortlisted for the Obama Foundation Africa Leaders program.

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4. Prince Nchiba, Nigeria

Prince Nchiba
Prince Nchiba, Nigeria

Prince Nchiba led the development of an edTech solution used by over 50 tertiary institutions in Nigeria. His solution digitalises classroom learning in tertiary institutions. He is a Software Engineer with a track record of leadership, mentorship, and training of young tech talents. Prince consults for high-profile government bodies like the Central Bank of Nigeria, the National Information Technology Development Agency, and international software companies like Everbridge in the USA.

5. Sam Kodo, Togo

Sam Kodo
Sam Kodo, Togo

Sam is the software developer that designed Zpryme. He is a self-taught tech inventor from Togo, who gained fame for building robots and drones from scraps since he was nine years old. He founded his first company in 2013, producing affordable microcomputers powered by solar energy to improve education in his country. Kodo is actively involved in teaching youth coding through various programs. He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Anzisha Prize Fellow, the Mandela Washington Fellow, and the USAF Prize Winner, among others. He is impacting the African edTech space with Infinite Loop, an edTech company focused on promoting computer science education in Africa.

6. Chris Asego, Kenya

Chris Asego - EdTech Software Engineer in Africa
Chris Asego, Kenya

Chris Asego developed Eneza Education, a company that uses mobile technology to improve education access in Africa. It offers increased access to education for students in Africa regardless of socioeconomic status via an accessible mobile technology that helps prepare students for their exit exams into high school. His solution serves over 4.9 million learners across Kenya, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. He has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and has served in many tech and leadership roles in the past. He is currently a Partnership Specialist at UNICEF, Kenya.

7. Debbie Akwara, Nigeria

Debbie Akwara
Debbie Akwara, Nigeria

Debbie created NICXI, an EdTech startup and not-for-profit research institute based in Africa. The organization is on a mission to unlock business growth in Africa through Africa-specific consumer research, human capital development, and technology. NICXI offers bespoke and research-inspired customer management and innovation professional development, certification, function-specific, and degree courses 100% online. Their programs are designed to create a skilled workforce that can drive innovation and growth in the African digital field by providing training and certifications.

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8. Judith Owigar, Kenya

Judith Owigar
Judith Owigar, Kenya

Judith developed Juakali, an edTech startup that creates livelihood opportunities for youth working in Kenya’s informal sector to revolutionize standards of service quality for consumers. JuaKali connects skilled manual workers to clients on demand through an online environment. Judith has a BSc., MSc., and PhD in Computer Science, Applied Computing and Information Systems respectively from the University of Nairobi.

9. Krista Davidson, South Africa

Krista Davidson - EdTech Software Engineer in Africa
Krista Davidson, South Africa

Krista Davidson created Injini, an edTech solution for social development. She earned her education at Wake Forest University in the United States and has since travelled internationally to gain a wider perspective. Krista has settled in Cape Town, South Africa where she has dedicated her career to working within the social development sector.

Krista is particularly passionate about tech startups that use their innovations to create positive change in Africa, especially in the field of education. She firmly believes that the ingenuity of African digital innovations that address the unique challenges of the continent will play a pivotal role in Africa’s forward momentum.

10. Rachael Onoja, Nigeria

Rachael Onoja - EdTech Software Engineer in Africa
Rachael Onoja, Nigeria

Rachael designed AltSchool Africa, an edTech digital learning platform that trains tech talents virtually. In her career, she has demonstrated a strong track record of executing missions with impact in the tech and startup industries. As someone who volunteers frequently, Rachel has a deep understanding of the importance of imparting knowledge to young talents.

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She has worked with other leading tech companies like UpliftHub, Andela, Decagon and TalentQL in the past.


These individuals are changing the face of edTech in Africa. Their work is a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Africans and a reminder of what is possible when we harness the power of technology to address the challenges we face. I hope you are inspired by these great achievers.

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