Toyota Prevents Accidents Due to Wrong Pedals


Toyota Motor Corp announced the latest safety technology that uses big data to prevent drivers from stepping on the gas pedal or brakes.

Reported by Reuters, big data can prevent the car from accelerating if the driver accidentally stepped on the gas pedal, thereby minimizing the potential for accidents.

The technology, named ‘Accelerator Suppression Function’, will begin to be installed in Toyota’s new cars in Japan, hoping to prevent the elderly from having an accident due to the wrong stepping on the pedal.

According to government data, 15 percent of fatal accidents on Japanese roads in 2018 were caused by drivers aged 75 years or older.

Toyota has not specified how the big data works. However, Reuters said that big data will collect and read data from connected cars operating on the road. The system will work alone without requiring instructions from the driver.

Besides Toyota, its Japanese competitor, Honda, will introduce an autonomous car that can operate in traffic and Nissan will release a second-generation ProPilot.

Toyota launched the first generation ‘Safety Sense’ safety features in 2015, which included automatic emergency braking and lane departure alerts.

The second-generation safety feature was born in 2018, which allows the car to recognize pedestrians at night and also bicycle riders.


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