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Unforgettable Experience With The Voyager VR Glasses  

The Voyager VR glasses offer an affordable immersive entertainment experience. Read our review on Naijaknowhow for more information. 

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Have you ever wanted to embody your character in a game? Or feel like you are inside your favourite movie? Playing on a normal screen lacks the sensation of presence and immersion that the 3D interactive world offers. With VR, you can interact with your favourite worlds in 3D.

The world of VR is becoming increasingly popular, and South Africa seems to be leading the pack on our side of the world. You can easily get VR glasses from Makro offers, your general retail store. In Nigeria, you’ll have better luck with online stores like olist.ng.

A bit of History:

In 1935, American Science fiction writer Stanley G. Weinbaum described virtual reality. The character Albert Ludwig invented ‘magic spectacles’ that could give one sight in a movie, where one is immersed in the experience rather than watching it from a distant screen.

87 years after VR’s first appearance, virtual reality systems are thriving, and there are various options to choose from, pending your preferences and budget.

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The first modern VR headset prototype was created by Palmer Lucky in 2010 and would later influence today’s, Oculus Rift. When interest in VR went up again in the tech industry, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg liked the Rift so much that he bought it two years later.

VR Glasses 

Since then, several competitors have emerged. Hundreds of developers are working on virtual reality games and apps. Filmmakers are also exploring the possibilities for documentaries and animation, and Facebook and YouTube have hopped on the 360-degree video hype train.

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The VR industry is popular, and for a good reason. It opens up new possibilities for virtual experiences in gaming, education, and entertainment for gamers.

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Below is everything you need to know about VR systems and what you can experience with the Voyager VR Glasses.

The nitty-gritty:

The essential part of a VR system is the headset: a chunky pair of goggles that go over your eyes. There are two different types: the cheaper ones that use a cellphone attached to the front and the more expensive ones that need to be connected to a computer or PC.

The Voyager VR Glasses

The Voyager VR glasses are compatible with most smartphones. Simply slide in your phone after downloading free apps or movies and start the experience!


  • High-quality lenses
  • Foam padding for comfort and an easy-to-wear design for extended use. Watch an entire movie in a 3D cinema without feeling claustrophobic.
  • Can be utilised while standing, sitting, or lying down.
  • Appropriate for people of all ages.


  • R149/$11

You’ll also need:

  • A pair of headphones
  • Hand controllers (if you are using them for video games)

Best for:

  • Watching 3D movies on Youtube
  • Gaming

3 apps and games to try:

VR Glasses 

YouTube VR/Netflix VR

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Enjoy a cinematic experience while watching your favourite YouTube videos or Netflix videos. You can either have a static view of your content or use the void setting that immerses you in the movie and matches the movie content to your eye movements.

Fulldrive VR

Fulldive VR is the program you need if you want a VR-focused platform that includes everything from web browsing to photo storage. It has a store with hundreds of VR-capable apps that you can download and use through the Fulldive VR portal. The app’s VR camera also allows you to take 360-degree photos and videos.

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InCell VR

This is an educational game for children interested in learning more about the human body. The player assumes the role of a 2100s human defender shrunk down to fit inside a human body. The mission is to go around the body, battling the flu virus while learning about human biology.

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