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Unicode Presents 65 New Emojis

The listing of new emoji for 2020 has been announced, and there are some pretty great choices as part of the selection – as well as some rather bizarre ones.

Consortium which manages a variety of computer system standards including emoji, Unicode, released 65 new characters that will be included in emoji version 13.0.

“These characters come from proposals that enter the Unicode Consortium, are reviewed by the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee and are chosen based on Emoji Selection Factors,” Unicode said on their official blog.

The 65 new characters incorporate a variety of things that are not currently available in emojis, including popular drinks, bubble or boba drinks, to polar bears.

Unicode also includes more characters for gender inclusion, such as pictures of men and women bottle-feeding babies, and variations in skin colour.

The characters uploaded on the Unicode page are examples, developers for phones and computers may use different images, however, character-based from Unicode.

“New emojis usually appear on mobile phones in September or October, some platforms may release it faster,” Unicode said.


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