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When is the Right Time to Change Car Tyres?

Tyres are one of the vital components in a car, accidents often occur due to broken tyres. So, when is the right time to change our car tyres?

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Tyres are one of the vital components in a car because accidents often occur due to broken tyres. So, when is the right time to change our car tyres?

In this article, we’ll be looking at automobile tips that would keep us informed about the appropriate time to change or replace our car tyres. Let’s delve right into it!

Changing tyres must be seen from the conditions of use, if the car is used every day with a route far enough then we must consider the condition of the tyre from the physical point of view.

Here is Best Time to Replace Car Tyres:

When the tyres have eroded

Tyres that are already thin affect the control and braking systems of a car. And can be very dangerous if driven vigorously or encounter slippery roads when it rains, tyre grip is clearly reduced and the car easily glides.

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Take note of the tyre build quality, if it looks thick and intact, it is still fairly safe. You do this by looking at the TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) sign. The shape is in the form of a triangle symbol located at the bottom boundary of the tyre and the rubber protrusion between the tyre body.

twi tread wear indicator

If that part has touched the asphalt and eroded, it means the tyres are getting thinner and it’s time to change.

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When the tyres have scuff marks and cuts

Also, note if there are cracks in the grooves and tyre walls which could be as a result of bad tyre quality or weather influences.

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In addition, if there are bumps, bald tyres on the edges or centre, a lot of tyre patches, scuff marks or hard object cuts, and tyres treads that have been peeled, then don’t neglect these things. Because it might be subject to leakages and can break at any time which can threaten driving safety.

change car tyres

But if a car is rarely used, it does not mean this tyre can last forever. It is worth noting if the tyre has a maximum life span.

When the tyres are old

A car that rarely being used for years doesn’t always mean the tyres don’t need to be looked at because they still look thick. One thing you should know about rubber material is the conditions don’t stay the same after a long period of abandonment. Certainly, the condition of the tyres has decreased. So, It is recommended to make a replacement after the age of six years even though no damage is seen.

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There you go, if you find this article helpful, then don’t hesitate to save a life by sharing with your friends to know when to change their car tyres.

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