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Checkout This Unlimited Free Browsing On Tweakware With Glo N0.00k

Check out how to use Tweakware VPN for free browsing on Glo. See settings and know-how guide below;

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Post contains stepped guide to setup unlimited free browsing on Tweakware with Glo N0.00k | How to setup Tweakware VPN on Android, how to setup GLO APN for Tweakware VPN.

It’s been a while I last posted something free for my FBT dudes, well… there’s something for you and this have been up for a while now but my very busy schedule won’t let me drop it.

Glo free browsing is rocking hard on Tweakware with N0.00 (Zero naira). You don’t need any money on your Glo line for it to work…it simple just follow the steps and settings below.

How To Setup Free Browsing On Tweakware With Glo N0.00k

Key Requirements

  1. Setup Glo PAYU (Pay As You Use Plan)
  2. Create APN on phone or use default Glo APN
  3. Setup Tweakware application on Android

Now follow these steps to fully configure your Android phone for free browsing on Tweakware with Glo N0.00k;

1. How To Setup Glo PAYU

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First, you have to migrate to the Glo PAYU plan (Pay As You Use). Navigate to SMS » Type and Send PAYU to 127. The Glo PAYU plan allows you to browse the internet using pay as you use system, this deducts your airtime bit by bit as you surf the net. (But have no fear, no airtime will be removed).

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How To Cancel / Deactivate the PAYU Plan

If for any reason you need to deactivate Glo PAYU Plan, then all you need to do is send CANCEL to 127.

2. How to setup Glo APN

  • APN: gloflat
  • APN TYPE: sulp, default
  • PORT: blank
  • PROXY: blank
  • USERNAME: blank
  • PASSWORD: blank
  • Leave every other settings like that.

3. How to setup Tweakware

Step 1

Download and install Tweakware VPN from Google playstore. (If you already own Tweakware, update to latest version!)

Tweakware.apk | Download Link

Step 2

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Open the app then locate and open the settings button at the top right corner.

Step 3

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Select settings » navigate to bundle settings » Tap to open bundle settings.

Step 4

A popup menu should appear immediately after opening bundle settings, tick Use bundled settings and select (NG GLO) 0.0# bundle.

Step 5

Go to Tweakware home, click the circular arrow icon to update server (see image)

Step 6

Navigate and choose from the available free servers. (Try another if the servers selected is full)

Note: Free servers only gives you a daily limit of 250mb per day. For unlimited data, you should subscribe for premium servers.

Step 7

Click on connect and then wait for it to show connected!

Step 8

Minimize and enjoy unlimited surfing!!!

Share testimonies via comment section below, enjoy!

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