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What Happens When You Uninstall or Delete WhatsApp?

Removing WhatsApp might be easy. But have you ever thought, what will happen when you delete WhatsApp? These are some of the answers.

Although useful in many ways, WhatsApp is sometimes also often annoying. No wonder, when you can’t stand the hoaxes, privacy is disturbed, or you can often get messages from strangers, there are people who think of uninstalling and removing WhatsApp accounts because they are lazy to use them again.

Removing WhatsApp might be easy. But have you ever thought, what will happen when you delete WhatsApp?

These are some of the answers.

What Happens When You Uninstall Or Delete WhatsApp Account?

History and message backup

Removing WhatsApp will delete all chat records on the mobile. You will no longer be able to open WhatsApp and access previously received messages. In fact, message backups on iCloud (for iPhone) and Google Drive (on Android) will also be deleted. You cannot restore it when activating your WhatsApp account again.

Message received

Because your account isn’t on WhatsApp, other people can’t send messages. However, if the chat thread is on WhatsApp for these people, they can send messages to you. But, the message will only be seen check one on sender’s WhatsApp, while you certainly can not receive these messages.

WhatsApp Group

What will happen to the WhatsApp group? You will be automatically removed from all WhatsApp groups that you follow. And when that happens, other people in the group will see a notification that you left the group.

whatsapp group chats controls

If you created the WhatsApp group, you will no longer be the admin of the group. And other members in the group will be randomly selected to be the surrogate admin if there are no other admins.

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Profile photo and about

Because both are stored on the WhatsApp server, your profile picture and about will be deleted from WhatsApp. But that doesn’t mean your profile photo is also deleted from the phone. Don’t worry, profile photos will only disappear on WhatsApp and will remain on your smartphone as long as you keep them.


whatsapp group privacy settings
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Because your WhatsApp account no longer exists, your WhatsApp settings will also be deleted. Whatever changes you make to settings, will return to the original alias default settings when you reactivate your WhatsApp account.

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Photos and videos

On Android, if your WhatsApp is set to download photos and videos automatically, the content will remain on your phone as long as you save it. You can access it through the gallery application in the WhatsApp folder. If your WhatsApp doesn’t download it automatically, the photos and videos will disappear from WhatsApp.

Almost similar to Android, for WhatsApp users on the iPhone, when downloading photos and videos from WhatsApp, this content will remain on the WhatsApp server. You need to download it manually to your cellphone by clicking the save button. If you have not saved it, you will lose all the photos and videos after deleting WhatsApp. But if you have already been to a cellphone, photos and videos on WhatsApp can still be seen via Apple Photos or other gallery applications on the iPhone.

Payment History

In some countries, WhatsApp already supports digital payments. For users who use this service, the payment history will be deleted. The user must also reconnect their bank account to WhatsApp when activating WhatsApp again.

When activating your WhatsApp account again

You can reactivate your WhatsApp account that has been deleted using the same phone. However, as mentioned before, you have to start everything from scratch as a new account holder. Anything that has been deleted will not come back.

This will be like creating a new WhatsApp account with the same phone number, you also have to set the settings again, and so on, and rejoin the group that you left behind. When you reactivate WhatsApp, you will automatically appear in the WhatsApp contact list of all the people who have saved your number.

In conclusion, the following things will happen if you delete WhatsApp:

  • All chat threads will be lost
  • iCloud cloud backup and Google Drive will be deleted
  • You will be removed from the WhatsApp group
  • You are no longer the admin of the WhatsApp group
  • Account info and profile photo are missing
  • Payment history and connected bank accounts are deleted
  • WhatsApp settings will be completely erased.

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