“I Feel Tired of Attending Zoom Online Meetings”, Zoom Founder Admits


The presence of the coronavirus pandemic has indeed changed the way people work. The problem is with the application of the WFH (Work From Home) system, now meetings must also be held online.

As a result, video conferencing services like Zoom immediately became the choice of many people. Revenue from Zoom company also immediately increased dramatically during this one year.

However, it turns out that too many meetings virtually make many people feel bored and tired. In fact, this was acknowledged by the CEO and founder of Zoom itself, Eric Yuan.

Eric admitted that he was getting tired of the virtual meetings he was doing and did not stop. It is known that this man born in China was fed up when he had to attend 19 online meetings via Zoom in just a day.

“I feel tired because of that (meeting 19 times a day),” said Eric Yuan while admitting he was already experiencing symptoms of ‘zoom fatigue’.


However, Eric was finally able to overcome this problem by dividing and reorganizing his meeting time. Even though he wasn’t tired anymore, he really wanted to have a face-to-face meeting like usual.

“Now I no longer have consecutive meetings and feel much more comfortable,” Eric continued as quoted by the New York Post.

Currently, Zoom itself is still implementing the WFH system for its employees. However, due to the problem of ‘zoom fatigue’, his company will also see when the WFH system will end so that employees do not get bored of conducting meetings via Zoom.

Do you constantly get tired of attending meetings via Zoom? Kindly air your opinion via the comment box below. For those tired and can’t wait to stop using this app, then here is a post on how to permanently delete your Zoom account.


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