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5 Most Common Internet Problems and Their Solutions

The internet is what virtually connects us with the world. Here are the 5 most common internet problems and their solutions. Learn more here!

Imagining life without a solid internet connection is a hard thing to do these days as 70% of our day is spent connected to the internet for either work, business, entertainment, social or educational purposes. The internet is what virtually connects us with the world, updates us with what is happening, and helps us earn without leaving the comfort of our homes. It helps in acquiring skills, interacting with loved ones, and enjoying a Saturday night movie with the family. Even most of our electronic devices are powered by the internet and we all have online presences different from our real-time presences, shaped into whatever we want them to be, all thanks to the internet. However, some people struggle with a stable internet connection now and then and all of us have been there. Each of us has experienced an internet-related problem that has put our life in literal terms on hold. From not being able to attend a very important meeting or meet the deadline of an assignment, to ghosting someone in the middle of an intense chat or having to wait two hours to see the movie’s end – internet problems are well, quite frustrating.

Fortunately, for you, we have an updated list of the most common problems that users across the US face with their internet and we have the perfect guaranteed-to-work solutions for them! However, if none of the solutions works for you, we suggest you call your provider to resolve the issue. Luckily, Spectrum Internet subscribers should not have any problem contacting their service provider because this internet company houses an outstanding support department to facilitate its customers with their network-related problems. With that said, let us discuss the 5 most common internet problems and their solutions:

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1. Having Slow Connection Because of Being Far Away From the Access Point.

Internet speed

This means that the modem or the internet connection either is too far from you or has barriers between you and it, which is leading to a relatively slow internet connection. The further you are from the router, the more problems you will face with the connection.

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The solution is to have the router in the same space as you or move to where the router is. The best practice is to place the router at a higher position and somewhere away from obstacles such as wooden cupboards, multiple walls, etc. coming between the router and you. Metal, stone, brick, and glass can hinder the connection. You can also ask the internet provider for the ideal location of modem placement in your house.

2. Having Slow Speed and Disconnection Issues Due to Bandwidth.

This means that there is a lack of bandwidth. The broader the bandwidth, the more stable the connection. If you put too much load on the bandwidth then you cannot expect to download a file fast or stream an HD movie.

The solution is that you either upgrade to an internet bundle with a better bandwidth connection so that you can easily attend to whatever is that you want to do on the internet. Sometimes you have the bandwidth you need but multiple devices are connected which is making the connection slow, so disconnect the devices. Also, check if your computer or other device is free of viruses and anti-virus software is installed because malware can also disrupt the bandwidth.

3. Having an Insecure Network.

strong password

It is most likely for many of us to forget to secure our internet connection, which means that anyone in the radius can connect to your internet and use it. This results in slow upload and download speeds for you!

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The solution is to set a strong password so that no other person can use your internet unless they have your permission and also to run a virus check and install a firewall. If you have people around regularly for hangouts or work, have a separate connection for them so that you do not have to share your password with everyone.

4. Using Browsers That Suck On Your Internet Bandwidth.

browser extensions

Sometimes one is unaware of the browser they are using for daily internet purposes, which can require Flash, JavaScript, and other programs that can cause your internet speed to slow down. Many people are unaware of this. Changing one’s browser will not create any hurdles.

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The solution is to change your browser to one that blocks unnecessary ads, popups and protects your online experience. Moreover, the browser should not require other software programs to function.

5. Having Old Equipment Connecting You to the Internet.

Just after 3 years of having a modem installed, you can start to experience problems due to the device and the wires. This is not on you, or the fact that you did not take care of the equipment, but the fact that such technology easily gets obsolete. You may not be able to see the problem physically, but it exists, and calling an internet provider to inspect the issue can confirm that.

The solution is to upgrade your modem, router, and other wires and you will see a drastic change in your internet speed. It may seem like a burden on your pocket but it is a great long-term investment and can save you a lot of frustration!

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