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Best AD Blocker Apps for Android in 2023

ADS on websites or apps are always annoying at times. But there are ways to get rid of them completely using AD blockers, read the article to know more.

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AD blocker helps to remove ADS from apps we install on our Android devices, developers earn money with ADS they add to their apps, and they offer two options for users who wish to use their apps, either you pay for the lifetime purchase on the app or you enjoy the free version that has ADS.

Most times people prefer using the free version cause they can’t afford to pay for a common app, and sometimes people go for Mods, but the best way to get rid of ADS from apps is to use apps that’ll block them off completely. The AD blocker apps that’ll be written below work mostly on browsers, and while some work for all apps you might need to get rooted before you can use them on your Android device.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, you will find the best AD blocker apps for Android, these apps will help you get rid of ADS that you see in apps most times, so let’s get started.

List of the Best AD Blocker Apps for Android

1. AdGuard


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AdGuard is said to have too many strict options on getting rid of ADS from apps, therefore it was removed from Google Play Store for some violations of policies, but that shouldn’t get you worried because you’re looking at the best AD blocker app if not one of the best, this app will help you clear any AD that appears simultaneously when you get connected to the internet or when you’re running apps that support ADS.

It is a safe app to use and it will help protect your device from malicious links or ADS, it requires nothing before it carries out its work, just a few permissions and it will run in the background. AdGaurd is one of the best AD blocker apps for Android devices.

2. Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet

adblock plus

Adblock Plus is an Adblocker app to reduce Ads from the Samsung Internet Browser app, this app is one of the best Ad Blockers out there and it works to protect your Android device from malware injected into ADS, it’s very easy to use and doesn’t need any requirements.

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You can use Adblock on other browsers as well, but it selects and only browsers with the same features like Samsung Internet Browser are likely to work with this app. Adblock Plus is one of the best Ad Blocker apps for Android.

ABP for Samsung Internet
ABP for Samsung Internet
Developer: eyeo GmbH
Price: Free

3. AdAway

Adaway - best ad blocker app for android

When it comes to getting rid of ADS from apps or browsers, AdAwaay is one of the strict AD blockers ever, this app blocks any type of ADS completely and it only works when you use a rooted Android device, AdAway needs root access before it can work perfectly. This app doesn’t block ADS from browsers alone, it blocks apps too, you just have to add the app you want to block ads from into the AdAway program list.

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AdAway is a very good AD blocker for Android users, this app is not on Google Play Store, so you have to download it from the developer’s website, it’s one of the best AD blocker apps for Android devices.

4. Block This

Block This - best ad blocker app for android

Block This is very similar to AdAway in terms of how they both work to make sure you don’t experience ADS on browsers or when you use an app on your Android device, Block this is free and it’s an Open Source ad blocker that’ll block any ADS from your Android device and it will also protect your privacy, sometimes it works as a VPN app because it changes your DNS once you get connected to the internet while using it.

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You can download Block This from the download link below, this app doesn’t require any root access, you can use it on any Android device. Block This is one of the best AD blocker apps for Android devices.

5. Pollo Private browser

Pollo Private browser - best ad blocker app for android

Pollo Private Browser is a browser that’ll keep you safe from ADS and also websites that track users’ IP or DNS through ADS, it’s a private browser and also an AD blocker app as well. This browser automatically clears the record of activities you’ve done once you close the app after surfing different websites on it. It blocks ADS as well. Pollo Private Browser is a paid app, but it’s one of the best AD blocker apps you can pay for, it works perfectly and it’s one of the best for Android.


If you want to block ADS from Android browsers or Android apps, these are the best AD blocker apps you can use on Android, they’re safe to use and will cause no harm to your Android device, some also work as a VPN app, which makes it a big plus to other benefits we can get from them.

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