Apple Employs Former Samsung VP to Help Develop Batteries

Apple acquired the services of a former Samsung executive to help break more grounds in the company's production of self-made batteries.

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In the smartphone battlefield, it’s always a war between the two powerhouses of the USA and South Korea, namely Apple and Samsung respectively. As the rivalry keeps booming, Apple acquired the services of a former Samsung executive to help break more grounds in the company’s production of self-made batteries.

Soonho Ann, the former Samsung VP, will now head Apple’s Global Battery Department. From here on in, he’ll provide a solid bodywork for Apple to depend less on third-party manufacturers for their batteries.

Based on his LinkedIn bio, Soonho had been at the Apple Battery Department helm since December last year. Prior to this, he served Senior VP roles at Samsung in three different units at Samsung SDI. Samsung SDI is Samsung’s arm that deals with the development of batteries.

Even before that, he spent as much as 17 years with LG Chem where he helped in constructing battery parts that powered devices such as smartphones, laptops and more.

Although Apple is very successful in its production of Bionic A-series chipsets, its batteries have always been outsourced. Most notably, the Bionic A12 chip built on 7nm prices is the company’s latest innovation that stole the world by storm.

About the batteries, you’ll be amazed to find out that Samsung, Apple’s “eternal” rival, is the supplier of Apple’s Li-Ion battery parts. Twisted! I tell you.

With this new acquisition [Soonho Ann], the Cupertino-based company is steadily becoming more independent than ever.

Will this cause iPhones and other Apple devices to be more pricey? That’s a question only time can answer. Nonetheless, gear up for a fantastic smartphone year!

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