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7 Best ArcGIS Alternatives for PC (Windows/Mac) in 2023

Looking for the best geographic information system like ArcGIS for PC? Here's a list of the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC that you can use.

There is a lot of GIS software that serves as the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC. If you’ve been on a search for something different aside from ArcGIS. Here’s an article that’ll interest you perfectly. You’ll discover geographic information system tools like ArcGIS being compiled in this article.

When it comes to creating, analysing and displaying spatial data. One of the tools used in this field is ArcGIS and it’s great at what it does. Basically, ArcGIS is a geographic information system software suite. ArcGIS is widely used by professionals in various fields, including urban planning, environmental management, natural resource exploration, and disaster response. Despite how good and popular it is, it does have some downsides with its pricing.

Thanks to other alternatives on the internet, you don’t have to depend on ArcGIS anymore. Here at NaijaKnowHow, we’ve handpicked the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC. Whether you want to use it on your Windows or macOS PC, they’ll work perfectly.

List of The Best ArcGIS Alternatives for PC (Windows & Mac)

Perhaps you’re considering a GIS software that might give you a better result than ArcGIS. The ones listed above are quite considered to be perfect. You can spend time with them and see which one works better for you.

1. QGIS 3

ArcGIS Alternatives for PC

QGIS 3 is one of the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC and there’s no doubt about that. A lot of professionals have always fancied QGIS 3 ahead of ArcGIS. There’s a lot you can do with QGIS 3 and since it’s open-source software, means it is completely free. Furthermore, QGIS 3 provides a range of features and capabilities for data management, analysis, and cartographic visualization. You’ll enjoy every bit of this tool due to its user-friendly interface and spatial analysis features. When it comes to data management QGIS 3 does support different data formats. Some of them include shapefiles, geodatabases, raster data, GPS data, and more.

Another reason why you’ll love QGIS 3 is due to its slick 3D integration, it gives 64-bit processing. The tool also has a room for large user base and support. You’ll find over 1000 tools on QGIS 3. Despite all the cool features of QGIS 3, it does have some downsides. Due to the large number of plugins supported by QGIS 3, which sometimes affects performance. In order to keep its stability, you’ll only need to reduce the load on it. Aside from that, QGIS 3 is just perfect for any GIS task.

2. Hexagon Geomedia

ArcGIS Alternatives for PC

Hexagon GeoMedia provides a comprehensive GIS platform with extensive data management, analysis, and visualization capabilities. This is because GeoMedia has advanced functionality and capabilities compared to ArcGIS. This tool is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, empowering users to effectively work with geospatial data and derive meaningful insights. If you’re looking for GIS software that offers fast querying and analysis, Hexagon GeoMedia is a great option. A lot of people have been using Hexagon GeoMedia and it has been serving them well. There are tons of features that came with this tool and also some downsides as well.

One of the reasons why Hexagon GeoMedia is a top replacement for ArcGIS is because of its ease of use. Aside from that, it also has remote sensing with an ERDAS engine. Some of the downsides of Hexagon GeoMedia is that you can’t drag and drop files. And sometimes, there’s always a poor connectivity rate when reaching the database.

3. Mapline

ArcGIS Alternatives for PC

An alternative to ArcGIS that you can use on any web browser on your PC is Mapline. Mapline is a web-based GIS tool that allows users to create interactive maps, analyze data, and derive insights from spatial information. The good news about Mapline is that it does work on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Brave Browser, Opera Browser and so on. Mapline makes it easy to create maps, it has a friendly user interface. Some of its features also work in favour of data mapping and visualization. You’ll find a lot of mapping options to visualize data on a map. Another thing it allows is collaboration and sharing with others. Mapline allows users to collaborate with team members by sharing maps and data. Users can collaborate in real-time, annotate maps, and leave comments for others.

Visualizing with Mapline is quite easy and when it comes to territory mapping, Mapline does well. You’ll be able to explore a lot of territory mapping capabilities. Mapline allows users to create territories based on geographic boundaries, ZIP codes, counties, sales territories, or other custom-defined areas. Another feature that has made Mapline quite special is data export and integration. Mapline allows users to export maps and data in various formats, including Excel, CSV, and PDF. This makes it easier to share projects with others.

4. MapInfo Professional

MapInfo Professional

MapInfo Professional has been one of the best ArcGIS alternatives for a while now. You’ll prefer MapInfo Professional ahead of most GIS software. The features of this tool are extraordinary and they tend to make workflow go smoothly. MapInfo Professional offers customization options through MapBasic, a programming language specific to the software. Users can automate tasks, create custom functions, and build tailored applications using MapBasic. Additionally, MapInfo Professional supports the use of extensions and plug-ins to extend its functionality. This is one of the few GIS tools that support side-by-side mapping and also 64-bit processing.

MapInfo Professional provides industry-specific solutions and add-ons tailored to sectors such as telecommunications, retail, government, and transportation. These solutions offer specialized tools, data models, and workflows to address specific industry requirements. You can always trust this tool to deliver accurate information. Although, MapInfo Professional does lack some features on its own. Acquiring its license is one of the biggest disadvantages, and also has low functionality for online web maps.

5. Grass GIS

Grass GIS

Another alternative to ArcGIS is Grass GIS, you’ll prefer it because it is free.¬†Grass GIS is a robust and feature-rich open-source GIS software that has a lot of competitors such as ArcGIS and so on. Its extensive analysis toolbox, strong data management capabilities, advanced visualization options, and cost-effectiveness make it a compelling choice for GIS professionals, researchers, and organizations. When it comes to geo-processings, Grass GIS supports over 400 modules. Even if you’re not familiar with Grass GIS, it offers documentation and tutorials. Grass GIS isn’t a bad option when looking for an alternative to ArcGIS.

You’ll love this tool because it doesn’t require you to pay for any license. And since it is a community-driven project, that means you’ll get a lot of updates for free. Grass GIS offers extensive customization options through its scripting capabilities, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs. The availability of user-contributed add-ons and plugins further enhances its functionality. Being one of the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC, Grass GIS is also a cross-platform tool. You can use it on Windows, macOS and Linux.

6. Global Mapper

Global Mapper

Global Mapper is one of the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC because of the advanced features it offers. Easy data import and export is one reason why you’ll love Global Mapper. It supports an extensive list of data formats, including vector, raster, and elevation data. It can import and export data from various sources, such as shapefiles, GeoTIFF, LiDAR LAS/LAZ files, CAD formats, and many more. This versatility of Global Mapper enables users to work with diverse datasets from different industries and sources. You’ll also find tools for geospatial data analysis and modelling. You can perform activities like terrain analysis, slope and aspect calculations.

When it comes to lidar processing, map creation and visualization. Only a few GIS software comes close to Global Mapper. Another feature that has made Global Mapper a great option is online data access and integration. Global Mapper integrates with various online data sources, including web mapping services, such as OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, and WMS/WMTS layers. This allows users to access up-to-date imagery, topographic maps, and other online data directly within the software.

7. Cadcorp GeognoSIS

Cadcorp GeognoSIS

Another web-based GIS software that can be considered one of the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC is Cadacorp GeognoSIS. Cadcorp GeognoSIS provides organizations with the ability to publish, share, and interact with geospatial data and applications over the Internet. You’ll find a lot of features on Cadcorp GeognoSIS. You can publish maps and geospatial data easily with Cadcorp GeognoSIS. One of the coolest features of this tool is that it supports various data formats, including vector and raster data, allowing users to create visually appealing and interactive web maps. Users can customize symbology, labels, and pop-ups to convey information effectively.

Cadcorp GeognoSIS is a commercially licensed product, and its pricing depends on factors such as the number of users and the desired functionalities. Cadcorp also provides training, consultancy, and support services to assist organizations in implementing and utilizing GeognoSIS effectively. You can consider Cadcorp GeognoSIS as your ultimate GIS software and a better replacement for ArcGIS.


In conclusion, these are the best ArcGIS alternatives for PC. If you need a better geographic information system like ArcGIS. The above-listed alternatives are perfect options. They all have their cool features and disadvantages just as ArcGIS has its own.

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