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Best Opera Browser Alternatives for PC (Windows and Mac) in 2022

Looking for a more robust internet browser for your PC aside from picking Opera Browser? This article contains Opera Browser alternatives.

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The best opera alternatives for PC are internet browsers that are similar to Opera Browser and these are browsers you can use for surfing the internet on your Windows and macOS computers.

Although many people consider the Opera browser as one of the best web browsers to use on Windows and Mac, while that is true, there are other web browsers out there that can be considered as well and if you’re familiar with them yet, then this article is for you.

Today’s article on NaijaKnowHow focuses on the best Opera browser alternatives for PC. Opera browser is an amazing web browser but these browsers offer some features you won’t find on Opera and that’s why they’ve been considered as browsers like Opera.

List of the Best Opera Browser Alternatives for PC

Before we get started with the listing of similar browsers to Opera, it’s a good thing to know that some of these browsers are lightweight browsers and some are privacy browsers that’ll offer a smooth browsing experience for you on your PC.

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With any browser like Opera browser, you can be able to customize your dashboard, access blocked websites and also download faster while your PC consume fewer resources. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best Opera browser alternatives below.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Opera Browser Alternatives

Firefox is a free, open-source browser developed by Mozilla inc and It has been around for a long time which makes it one of the oldest browsers still in production. This browser is best suited for people who want more control over their browsing experience. Firefox is an excellent browser with a customizable UI that offers many extensions to enhance your browsing experience.

It’s one of the best Opera browser Alternatives for PC and it’s lightweight, fast, and has a sleek design. It also packs some powerful features, like tracking protection that blocks scripts from running automatically. You’ll also have access to thousands of extensions that you can use to customize your experience.

2. Google Chrome

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Opera Browser Alternatives

Google Chrome is an excellent web browser and one of the most popular web browsers on PC, Android and iOS devices. This browser makes browsing easy in many ways, you can access web pages in multiple tabs and with the help of some browser extensions on Google Chrome, you can surf the internet the way you want,

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Google Chrome offers a lot of features like syncing across platforms, battery saving, and all the latest web standards to ensure web pages look great on all devices, the only downside of this browser is that it consumes recourses most times.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for PC

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Microsoft Edge is one of the best Opera browser alternatives for PC and it has some awesome features which include the ability to work across devices, whether you’re using a Windows device or a macOS. Microsoft Edge is designed to be fast, safe and compatible.

Edge is developed for the modern Web. And it’s designed to be a very secure browser, it allows your browsing history to be private to you, and not any other third-party service. You can download PDFs straight from Edge without having to visit another website. You can save articles for reading later offline across multiple devices and a lot more, it’s a browser with plenty of features.

4. UC Browser

UC Browser for PC

UC Browser is designed to be an easy-to-use web browser, you can browse quickly and intuitively. But there are tons of other reasons why UC Browser is considered a better browser than Opera browser, that’s because UC Browser is very fast and it offers speedy downloading features.

UC Browser comes with built-in features such as AutoFill, which automatically fills out forms with your information, a private browsing mode which blocks cookies, images and popups, cloud Tabs which lets you sync tabs across devices, reading list for saving articles to read later, tracking protection for blocking phishing website that follows you around the internet and many other features.

5. Vivaldi – Opera Browser Alternatives

Vivaldi Browser for PC

Vivaldi browser is one of the best Opera browser alternatives for PC and this browser is best known for its customizable interface, which lets you change things like the font size, tab shape or colour scheme. You can even set up a bookmark bar that has all your favourite sites on it. It also offers a quick-find function, so you can search through your open tabs at lightning speed.

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If you’re just looking for a fast and simple browser, then you might consider using Vivaldi Browser and that’s because it’s lightweight and offers a nice browsing experience with customizable features.

6. Brave Browser

Opera Browser Alternatives

Brave browser is undoubtedly one of the best Opera browser alternatives for PC and it has some great features like intelligent tracker protection that automatically eliminates any third-party trackers or cookies that may be tracking your browser activities without your knowledge or consent.

The browser also comes with a Brave Rewards program where users can earn money from ads. There are other features such as bookmarks, gestures to navigate through the browser, bookmarking sites that you want to visit again later and more. The best part about this browser is its simplicity, its nice user interface with a fast browsing experience makes Brave Browser an alternative to Opera browser.

7. Tor – Opera Browser Alternative

Tor Browser for PC

Tor browser is a free open-source browser designed to protect your identity, privacy, and security while browsing the internet. There are plenty of features on the Tor Browser which has made it one of the best Opera browser alternatives for PC, it sends data through an encrypted measure on the Tor Network, it has a built-in VPN and it makes accessing blocked pages very easy.

All connections are made over a secure SSL connection so you never have to worry about hackers getting any information from you. This is an excellent browser choice if you want to access content that may be censored by regional firewalls as well as hide your IP address anytime you visit blocked websites like torrent websites and so on.


The Opera web browser can be considered one of the most popular internet browsers ever created, it’s a good browser with a lot of features, but these days, not everyone uses it and that’s why we’ve provided the best Opera browser alternatives for you. Here’s an article on the top web browsers for macOS PC and Android web browsers to surf the internet.

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