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Best PDF Reader Apps for Android and iOS (2020)

If you want to open any type of PDF files, in this article you'll get to know the best PDF reader apps you can use to open PDF files on your Android and IOS device.

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When it comes to processing and distributing digital documents, PDF which is also known as Portable Document Format is one of the formats used in sharing files, it’s very fast to process information through PDF, and you can easily edit the contents in it.

To open PDF files, different apps act as readers to read what’s inside a PDF file, and if we look through app stores, we’ll find different PDF readers, while some of them don’t read heavy PDF files, some are very annoying to use due to ADS.

If you want to open any type of PDF files, in this article you’ll get to know the best PDF reader apps you can use to open PDF files on your Android and IOS device.

List of the Best PDF Reader Apps for Android and iOS

1. Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer app is the official PDF reader app every Android users can use to read PDF files directly from their Google Drive account, this app is very convenient to use and it opens any type of PDF, even the heaviest PDF files will be opened easily. Google PDF Viewer is only available to Android users.

With Google PDF Viewer you can easily edit files, search words and also print out the contents in PDF, this app is one of the best PDF reader apps you can use on your Android device.

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Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

2. Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader

Not all PDF readers work as they’re being described, but if we talk about a very stable reliable PDF reader, then you should look forward to getting Acrobat Reader installed on your Android or IOS device, this app is one of the best PDF readers out there, it has cool features and can easily process your PDF files within seconds, you can easily open and edit PDF documents and also zoom in and zoom out.

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Acrobat Reader offers in-app purchases cause it has some paid features that are worth spending on. Acrobat Reader is an Adobe product and its one of the best PDF reader apps you can use on your Android or IOS device.

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‎Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF
‎Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF

3. WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is like a mini Microsoft office app where you can easily write notes, create excel files and also make PowerPoint projects. Anything that has to do with the creation of documents, you can use WPS Office to scan documents, and also use it as a reader for PDF files.

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WPS Office is one of the best PDF reader apps you can use on your Android and IOS device, it has cool features that allow you to read your PDF files easily.

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‎WPS Office
‎WPS Office

4. Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo is a powerful, fast, and optimized PDF reader for all phones and tablets, Xodo’s mobile app makes it easy to work with even the most complex PDF documents. With this application, you can view and navigate, annotate and comment, sign and fill forms, open MS Office files, get full access to all of your device’s documents and cloud documents. Whether you want to highlight class notes, alter a recipe, adapt blueprints, revise and sign contracts, fill in forms, or just read a good book, Xodo simplifies your life.

Xodo lets you read what you want, when you want, how you want. Lightning quick and optimized for all mobile devices, Xodo seamlessly renders even the most complex PDFs, including encrypted documents. Use Xodo’s full range of tools to mark up your documents your way. Choose from a selection of colours, sizes, transparencies, and more. Speed up the grunt work with Xodo. Complete forms directly from your mobile device, or sign contracts, agreements, or statements with your saved handwritten signature.

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5. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is an easy to use PDF reader which allows you to view, annotate, and protect PDF on Android and iOS devices while on the go. This PDF reader is free for you to use on your mobile smartphone. You should make sure to try Foxit PDF reader. Unlike other PDF readers, this app comes with Connected PDF, a leading-edge technology that powers document intelligence, security, and collaboration services for PDF files. The free version of Foxit PDF reader also offers advanced features including export PDF, edit PDF, and protect PDF, etc.

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Foxit PDF Reader for Mobile provides you with amazing capabilities that makes it compliant with your current PDF ecosystem. It is lightweight and doesn’t exhaust your device resources, very fast that it no longer waits to open PDFs. It has got a powerful file protection feature to safeguard sensitive information against unauthorized access. This PDF reader allows you full control of your content.

‎Foxit PDF Reader Mobile
‎Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

Wrapping Up

Now you’ve seen the best Android and iOS mobile PDF readers to download and use efficiently, without any hassle. These applications have got worthwhile features, functions and packages that you would like to explore once installed on your mobile smartphone. You can use them to read pdf files, create new pdf files and documents for your personal use. If you did enjoy reading this article, endeavour to share out so others will also benefit. Thanks.

More On Applications:

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