21 Careless Things You Must Stop Doing While Using Phones & PCs (No 7 Could Lead to Death!)

Very important and useful; here are 21 things you must stop doing on your smartphone to prevent accidents and/or death

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In the era of smartphones and PC, many of us including myself have developed bad habits deliberately and unconsciously, these habits could determine how we are quick to disregard people who matter so much in our lives. Some of these evil habits could go as far as taking one’s life if not stopped.

Here is a complete list of things you need to stop doing while using the phone and PC, you’d be surprised to see how much negativity you’ve been affected by these gadgets. The pointers will help you curb them if acknowledge and proper follow-up is given.

21 Careless Things You Must Stop Doing While Using Phones & PCs

Simple Ways To Prevent Accidents

1. Do not use the phone while driving

It’s very wrong and could lead to fatal accidents. Instead, use the wireless/ hands-free device by connecting with your car speakers. This could come in handy in saving lives.

2. Putting phone under the pillow is risky

Don’t ever place phone under your pillows while sleeping, it could heat up and eventually lead to a fire.phone pillow3. Unplug chargers

Always unplug phone chargers when the battery is full. Some phones may flame up after battery might have gotten swollen by heat.

Tip 1: If you notice your phone getting unnecessarily hot, do this… remove battery if possible, kill running apps if possible or/and switch off phone if possible. Doing that little trick can go a long way in saving that device.

Tip 2: Get your PC to normal temperature when hot by working under a cool temperature, or positioning it close to a fan, or buy an external fan or a heat extractor when using a PC that always gets hot.

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