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8 Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Use in 2023

Are you looking for the best AI language models like ChatGPT? Here's a list of the best ChatGPT alternatives you can use.

The best ChatGPT alternatives are AI language models that have similar features to ChatGPT. Perhaps you might have tried the free version of ChatGPT and you’re unimpressed with some of its responses. Well, there are other alternatives you can consider and here’s the perfect article to discover them.

ChatGPT has been the talk of the internet for months now and it has been widely used by a lot of people. Using ChatGPT is fun and there’s a lot of benefits it offers. As a user, you’d get free access and can also upgrade for premium access. Despite how good ChatGPT is, there are some flaws in its free version.

Rather than dwelling on these errors or considering the premium plan. Why not take a look at the best ChatGPT alternatives we’ve handpicked for you here at NaijaKnowHow? These are AI bots that are quite similar to OpenAI GPT language models.

List of The Best ChatGPT Alternatives You Should Use

While it is easier said than done, if you don’t explore different AI chatbots, you won’t know which one is best. Although these similar chatbots like ChatGPT have been doing well. Most are even built on the OpenAI GPT language models, so explore them all and see which one works best for you.

1. Microsoft Bing AI

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

One of the known alternatives to ChatGPT is Microsoft Bing AI. Microsoft Bing is one of the best Google Search Alternatives. But recently, it adopted the OpenAI GPT model and it has since then upgraded its search engine. Microsoft Bing search engine has been upgraded and also revamped based on the latest ChatGPT model. Unlike the old days on Bing, this time around users can search faster and get more accurate responses than before. Using Microsoft Bing does seem to be a great option for people using Windows 10 and Windows 11 OS.

There are a lot of reasons you’ll love Microsoft Bing, it comes with a lot of features and there’s more. The newly revamped Microsoft Bing has a “Chat Mode”, which will let users search better and get quick responses. You’ll also be able to get web queries and so on. Since Microsoft Bing is built on ChatGPT-4, you’re likely to see similar patterns. While the free version of ChatGPT doesn’t do well with accurate information. Microsoft Bing, on the other hand, is completely free and reliable. If you’re using web browsers like Microsoft Edge, you’ll find it easier to access Microsoft Bing. Users of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox can also access Microsoft Bing as well.

2. Jasper Chat

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

Jasper Chat has been around long before ChatGPT, both are AI language models but work differently. While ChatGPT is known to handle all forms of research, Jaster Chat is quite different. As a business person, content creator or digital marketer, Jasper Chat is quite the go-to option for you. Jasper Chat is mostly known for providing content for blog posts, social media posts, marketing, sales and so on. Rather than hiring a content writer to do a job for you. Jasper Chat will handle it perfectly without any issues.

One of the downsides of using Jasper Chat is that it has limited access and also costs more. While ChatGPT offers free access for a lifetime, Jasper Chat has a limited free trial option. Regardless of the pricing policy, Jasper Chat still ranks as one of the most suitable ChatGPT alternatives. You can explore this AI chatbot and see how it works.

3. Google Bard AI (Limited Access)

Google Bard AI

Google Bard AI has been making waves since its official announcement. We can compare Google Bard AI to Microsoft Bing Chat, but there hasn’t been any official update from Google. This AI chat model is said to be the next-gen chatbot but so far, it is still in experimental mode. To gain access to Google Bard AI, you’ll need to sign up for early access. Google has described Bard AI to be a conversational AI service and it is quite similar to ChatGPT.

What makes Google Bard AI different from some of the alternatives is that it is built on LaMDA. LaMDA is Google’s own next-gen language and conversation model. Google Bard AI is said to rival ChatGPT on the market and after recent trials, it is quite feasible. There are a lot of AI language models to consider using and Bard AI is one of them. This is one of the top alternatives to ChatGPT, you should give it a try.

4. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

There are only a few AI language models that span across smartphones and computers. Perplexity AI is arguably the only ChatGPT alternative that is available to Android and iOS users. Aside from accessing this AI service from web browsers, you can download its app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. One of the reasons why this AI language model comes close to ChatGPT is that. It is based on deep learning techniques like GPT-3.5 and it makes research very easy for anyone.

Perplexity AI is quite powerful and that’s why you’ll love it. It fetches accurate responses and it also embeds links for alternative use. There are a lot of ChatGPT alternatives online, Perplexity AI is one of the best you can use. In terms of interface, Perplexity AI has a similar interface to ChatGPT. You can sign in with your Gmail and accessing Perplexity AI is completely free.

5. Chatsonic

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

Sometimes called Writesonice, Chatsonic is an AI Writer that performs an excellent job in AI writing. Chatsonic is a powerful tool you can use for generating content online. Whether you’re a blogger, writer or marketer, Chatsonic is a great option for you. You’ll find Chatsonic to be quite similar to Jasper Chat. Both have similarities and so are their expensive pricing features. One of the reasons you’ll love Chatsonic is that it has more packed features. With Chatsonic, you can generate images and text, this can be done on ChatGPT Pro and not the free version.

Chatsonic also has a mobile application for Android users, you can as well use the browser extension on your Google Chrome browser. Chatsonic is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives you should use. It gives a 10x response speed, and most content generated from Chatsonic is always plagiarism-free. Only a few AI models perform better than ChatGPT and Chatsonic is one of them.

6. Colossal Chat

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

Colossal Chat is another recommended alternative to ChatGPT, it’s one of the best and you’ll love it. Whether you’re accessing this chatbot on a fast or slow network, its responses are always fast and you’ll enjoy it. What makes Colossal Chat quite popular is that you can communicate in different languages. This feature is seen on ChatGPT and there are just a few differences. Colossal Chat does an exceptional job when it comes to coding, you can use it as your programming tool.

Just like the free version of ChatGPT with downtimes, Colossal Chat does face downtimes as well but not very much. Accessing Colossal Chat is very easy, you don’t need to register or log in with an account. This AI model serves different purposes, you’ll also love the interface as well. Another thing Colossal Chat does is that it stores conversations. You can always go back to any previous conversation you have with the AI chat model.

7. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer

In addition to the list of the best alternatives to ChatGPT, Amazon CodeWhisperer is another choice to consider. Whether you’re learning programming or you’ve had the knowledge already. Amazon CodeWhisperer offers a way to streamline the whole coding process and make the job easier. ChatGPT is known to write codes but Amaozon CodeWhisperer is completely based on coding alone. If you want to generate complete or half codes in different languages, Amazon CodeWhisperer is the ultimate tool.

Amazon CodeWhisperer can generate codes in popular programming languages. You can use it for the likes of Python, Javascript, C#, Java and so on. What makes Amazon CodeWhisperer special is that you can integrate it into your IDE. When it comes to pricing, Amazon CodeWhisperer is free for individual use. There’s also a professional plan on Amazon CodeWhisperer, that costs just $19 only.

8. Rytr

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

If you ever feel like you need an all-in-one ChatGPT alternative as a writer, Rytr is a great choice. Rytr is regarded as one of the best AI writers that perform an excellent job when it comes to AI writing. This AI chatbot serves multiple purposes, it works for email writing, article writing and so on. Just like ChatGPT, you only need to enter your commands with specific instructions. Rytr is an AI model that gives accurate and fast responses, you can consider it as an alternative to Jasper Chat.

Another reason why you’ll like Rytr is that it supports over 40 languages. So it doesn’t matter which language you use in communicating with the AI chatbot. Once it is a supported language, the AI will respond to your command just the way you want. Rytr is a top AI chat alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.


Overall, these are the best ChatGPT alternatives you can consider using. These AI models all work similarly and some have different interfaces. But just as ChatGPT will serve you, the alternatives listed above would do the same. So take your time to explore and see which of the AI language models suits you better.

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