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Best News Apps On Android and iPhone (2021)

In this article, you will find all the best news app to get all the latest news and happenings in the world directly on Android and iPhone.

Reading news has always been a habit even before the improvement of technology and easy publication of media articles, then it was the massive queue at the post-press area just to get their hands on a copy of that newspaper.

And sometimes people stand on roadsides just to read the daily news, and we find that very common in Nigeria. But with our Android phones in our hands, reading news has been made easy as there are apps that publish news and deliver the latest news within and outside Nigeria.

In this article, I’ll be listing out some of the best Android apps to read the latest news in Nigeria and also news from other countries. These apps will help save the daily purchase of newspapers.

List Of The Best News Apps To Read World / International News On Android and iPhone (iOS)

1. BBC News

BBC News will keep you updated on the latest happenings in the world and also in Nigeria, it covers the best and most reliable information and they do come as they have happened. With BBC News you can’t miss any news and also you won’t need to buy a newspaper.

BBC News also have a Pidgin version which also makes it easy to read local news very accurately and less time taking like the English version. This app is one of the best Android apps to read the news in Nigeria.

BBC News
BBC News
Price: To be announced

2. Vanguard News App

vanguard news app

Vanguard News App will save you time and money as you can read the latest news on the go, it covers the best and latest news across the country. It covers news from states to states, cities to cities and also a different section of news from sports to finance, governance and many more.

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Vanguard New App is one of the best Android apps to read the news in Nigeria, it covers mostly news within the country but you can also read foreign news on this app as well.

Vanguard news app
Vanguard news app
Developer: Vanguard Newspaper
Price: Free

3. Channels Tv

Channels Tv is arguably the best TV station we have in Nigeria, with its record of holding the highest number of TV Station of the year award, this shows how much efforts they put into delivering the best news across the country and outside the country. However, using their app to stay updated isn’t a bad thing at all.

Channels Tv app will give you the latest news on sports, finance, breaking news and so much more. With this app installed on your Android device, you can read the news at any time and you wouldn’t need a newspaper to keep you updated.

4. Google News

Having Google News is like having about 5 news app combined into one, this app covers news topic from anywhere across the globe and most of this news are from other news websites or news app. With Google News, you’ll be able to read news from Daily Mail, Telegraph, Theguardian and other top news platforms in the world.

While Google News feeds its users news from other sources, still doesn’t make it one of the best Android apps to read news online, it’s one of the best and it’s even user-friendly and doesn’t consume much data.

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5. CNN

As a Nigerian who wants to stay updated with the latest news in the USA while in Nigeria, then CNN is the best choice news app you should have on your Android device, with CNN on your mobile, you wouldn’t miss any latest news in the USA.

CNN also covers news across the globe, but they’re always accurate when it comes to news in the states compared to others. CNN is one of the best Android apps to read the news in Nigeria.

CNN Breaking US & World News
CNN Breaking US & World News
Developer: CNN
Price: Free


CGTN is another great app to read the news here in Nigeria. Owned by a Chinese media company, this app provides the latest news in china and outside china and all of its news is always accurate and zero false news on many occasions.

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While CGTN doesn’t really cover most news headlines in Nigeria, it covers the one’s that are viral and really matters to its users home and abroad. CGTN is one of the best Android apps to read the news in Nigeria.

CGTN – China Global TV Network
CGTN – China Global TV Network
Developer: CGTN
Price: Free


This article doesn’t condemn reading or buying newspapers but rather give you insights on why reading news on apps seems better cause sometimes they even have more valid and updated news compared to newspapers.

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