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5 Best Online Image Compressor To Compress Images (2020)

In this article, I'll be writing about the best online image compressor to compress images without losing its quality

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Image compressing isn’t much of an activity done by normal people who engage in social media activities, but if you’re a content publisher or own a website like Naijaknowhow, you’ll know how important it is to get images compressed before using them.

We have to compress our images before we use them, and this helps in reducing the resources it takes for our website to load or a page to load, heavy images tend to slow down a website performance and that isn’t good for websites recognized by Google and other search engines.

In this article, I’ll be writing about the best online image compressor to compress images without losing its quality, these are websites where you can easily compress your images before using them, and these websites make it, even more, easier if you can afford image smushing plugins on WordPress, and for Blogspot publishers, this is the only option you have.

List Of The Best Online Image Compressor To Compress Images

1. TinyPNG


If you own a website or a blog on WordPress, you might have seen TinyPNG plugin or might have used this plugin, well its one of the best image compressor and it smushes images without a single quality diminishing from the image, you can use the plugin to compress any image formats and it will give you the best result you need.

TinyPNG also has a web-based compressor that’ll let you compress images for free, this website is one of the best out there and with it, you can compress at least 20 images at once, it’s free and doesn’t require a sign-up or payment, for Blogspot users, this web-based compressor is the perfect fit to compress your images for free. TinyPNG is one of the best online image compressors out there.

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2. GiftOfSpeed

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If you’re looking for an online image compressor that compresses images like the speed of light, then you should look forward to getting used to GiftOfSpeed, it’s a website I like personally and not because of its image compressor, it has other tools that every website owner need to know and always make use of, there is a lot you can do with it but right now I just have to talk about its image compressing tool.

With GiftOfSpeed you can compress images that prove to be heavy or slowing down your website, you can compress images on this website in the best way possible, it allows you to compress images with no single quality going off from it. GiftOfSpeed doesn’t offer bulky compression but its still a good place to compress images online.

3. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer

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Getting your images compressed without losing quality sometimes comes as luck because the majority of the image compressors we use often kills off the quality in images, but with an online image compressor like JPEG Optimizer, you can compress your images for free and still have their qualities kept intact, this tool compresses any type of images and it does it smoothly.

JPEG Optimizer is one of the best online image compressor tools out there, you can use it to compress your images, even if you set the compression rate high, it will compress and keep the qualities of the images to look just as when it wasn’t compressed.

4. Optimizilla


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Optimizilla does make compression of images easy, and I can tell you this online-based image compressor is one of the best out there and it can help you compress 4K images to JPEG or PNG, you can always decide how your images are being compressed with this online image compressor. With Optimizilla you can compress about 20 images at once and their qualities will be kept intact.

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If you need a perfect online image compressor to compress images before you use them in articles or anywhere you want to upload them to, you can always use Optimizilla to compress your images easily, it’s one of the best out there.

5. Compressnow


Last on the list is another great online image compressor tool to compress image sizes and still retain its quality, you can use this website to compress your images easily and it does allow you to compress at least 10 images at once, you can compress any type of image format on this online compressing tool.

Compressnow is one of the best places to compress your images, and it’s just like the other websites I listed above, they all make compression of images easy and efficient.


With the websites listed above, you can now compress your images online for free and you don’t have to worry about quality loss, they’ll keep qualities intact and even when you compress images with 4K resolutions, you’ll still get a good outcome with it.


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