NCC Toll Free Number: Call To Report Unsolicited Calls Or Messages

This is NCC complaints number, you can call this number when you've activated the DND Code but still get unwanted calls and SMS.

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)
Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

NCC have promised to help us put a complete stop to unsolicited messages. Yes, unwanted messages sent to you will invoke a special fine of ₦5 million if you call NCC toll-free number. This is indeed amazing! I feel very excited about this new directive by NCC.

Without question, network providers have been a thorn on our necks with tons of annoying messages and calls flooding our mobile device. These unsolicited messages can be very annoying and here is what NCC planned to do about it.

According to NCC boss, “If a consumer lodges complaint to NCC that a MNO send unsolicited text messages and the complaint from the consumer get to us, we will ensure that credit deducted from the consumers for this unsolicited text messages is returned to the consumer and will also invoke provision of the fine on the MNO which is ₦5 million”.

If you ever fall victim of unsolicited messages or calls, or you were charged for a service you didn’t subscribe for after implementing the DND code (Do not disturb), or want to lodge complains about your dissatisfaction on other mobile related issues, then you should call;

☎ NCC TOLL FREE NUMBER: 0800-CALL-NCC (0800-2255-622).


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