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Caviar releases iPhone 12 Pro without camera, calls for security!

The back of this smartphone is completely plain!

Surely you have seen some people who put tape on their computer webcam to make their privacy even more secure. The reason is that there could be hackers who enter the user’s device and use the camera to carry out spying.

This also makes many manufacturers present new innovations in the form of camera covers that are specially presented for people who want their privacy to be truly protected. This also turns out to also be done by Caviar, who is known as one of the manufacturers of luxury smartphone modifications.

non-camera iphone 12 pro stealth by caviar
iPhone 12 Pro from Caviar that doesn’t have a rear camera (photo / Doc. Caviar)

It is known that Caviar has presented a new innovation for iPhone 12 users who do not want their activities to be known by others. That’s what made them launch a product called the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth.

But instead of introducing a camera cover system or something like that, Caviar actually removed the rear camera from the smartphone which leaves it with a plain back. Even the Apple logo was removed.

Not only the rear camera, the front camera of this smartphone is also deactivated, so Caviar recommends that this smartphone be purchased by people who really work in a place with high security and should not bring recording equipment at all.

Even though it comes without a camera, it doesn’t mean that the price of the smartphone is cheaper. In contrast, Caviar sells the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth with prices starting at US $4,990 which is approximately N1.8m naira for the titanium back version and also US $ 5,520 (approx. N2m naira) for the gold back.

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