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3 Ways to Change Fonts on Android Phones (No Root)

Do you want to change the font style on your Android smartphone? Check out these three useful methods below.

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As an Android owner, you want the best for your smartphone to avoid being boring and less enjoyable during use. This includes themes, colours, keyboards and even fonts.

It turns out that fonts are one of the many ways to customise your Android. This feature unquestionably affects the way you type and read content on your device! Usually, fonts on Android look normal and will be monotonous if used too long.

Unlike your computers where you only have to download fonts of your choice by visiting websites, font styling your Android device only requires installing a third-party app or using the preinstalled font settings.

Do you want to change the font on your Android? Check out these three useful methods below.

How to change fonts on Android phone to make it more interesting:

Change via Preinstalled Font Settings on Android

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On some Android devices, they’ve provided preinstalled features to change the font type, so you don’t need to download a new application to change fonts.

The method below is compatible with most Android phones:

  • Go to Android settings
  • Choose the display, keyboard or theme settings. This option varies across different smartphones.
  • Choose the font style and size you like.
  • Select Ok/Apply to activate the selected font on your Android.
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Change the Font with the iFont Application

ifont - change android fonts

If the font feature isn’t available on your Android, you can download a font modifier application like iFont in the play store.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download the iFont app on your Android Play Store.
    iFont(Expert of Fonts)
    iFont(Expert of Fonts)
    Developer: diyun
    Price: Free
  • Open the iFont application if it has been downloaded successfully
  • Several font types will appear
  • Select the font you like, then click download
  • If it has been downloaded successfully, you will get a notification
  • After that, press OK. Fonts can be enjoyed on your Android smartphone.

Change the Font with the HiFont Application

HiFont - change android fonts


  • Make sure you have downloaded the HiFont application on your Android.
    HiFont - Cool Fonts Text Free
    HiFont - Cool Fonts Text Free
  • If it’s already downloaded, open the HiFont application
  • You will be presented with various types of fonts, choose the font you like, then click download and install.
  • After succeeding, you can click Apply and click OK. Fonts you can be used on your Android device.
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That’s how to change fonts on Android easily to make your Android more enjoyable. Good luck!

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