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How To Configure Etisalat 6GB for N70 Blackberry Subscription On Android

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Etisalat BIS on Android is working perfectly and it’s an alternative for those in need of affordable plans on Android. This plan should come in handy, thereby making them the best data plans to really upon when other network providers are extremely slow.

We all know that MTK phones such as TECNO, Infinix, InnJoo, Huawei and the likes have enjoyed cheap Glo 3GB for N1400 and Airtel 3GB for N1000 browsing on their Android phones through imei tweaking. Perhaps, those asking how they can use Etisalat BB plan on Samsung, Motorola and other non-MTK enabled device, this tutorial should solve the problem.


The Etisalat BIS plans works quite well only that it requires VPN to fully power all apps on your Android device, but the good news is, it works on all Android including non-MTK Android phones such as Samsung, Motorola and others, it gives you a data cap of 6GB on all plans, be it daily (N70), weekly (N350) & monthly (N1000)…Here is the ultimate steps below.

Step 1: Etisalat BIS Subscription Code

Choose the best Etisalat package that suits you for the enlisted below..

  • For Monthly: Recharge N1000, then dial *599*2# or Go to SMS, type and send Mlite to 399
  • For Weekly: Recharge N350, then dial *599*2*1# or Go to SMS, type and send Wlite to 399
  • For Daily: Recharge N70, then dial *599*2*2# or Go to SMS, type and send Dlite to 399
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    Make sure you reboot device after activation or switch On & off Airplane Mode to reboot.

Step 2: Phone Settings (APN)

Navigate to Phone setting APN and use the APN setting shown below.

  • APN: blackberryx.net
  • Proxy: Leave blank
  • Port: Leave blank

Then leave every other thing as empty as seen in default, save and activate.

Step 3: Install & Configure VPN

For Psiphon Handler & Netify

To configure Etisalat bblite on psiphon or Netify follow the settings below..

  • Proxy type: Real Host
  • Proxy server: blackberryid.blackberry.com
  • Click on Save
  • Now go to more option setting and untick connect through HTTP Proxywait for few seconds for it to Connect (if it refuses to connect, switch off & on your data or on & off Airplane Mode)
  • Connect and start browsing.

For Tweakware VPN

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You can download and install Tweakware Moded version.

Open your Tweakware Mod and set it up as seen below…

  • Switch to Logs then Click On Handler Menu
  • It will request for childlock code, input this code = cdce.imishiro.032990
  • After its unlock, you can use Real Host
    as proxy type and clear everything and put this blackberryid.blackberry.com
  • Click on save
  • Now go to settings and uncheck connect through HTTP Proxy.
  • Then navigate back to Home and click
    on Connect
  • Enjoy you speed of Etisalat browsing.

Normal Etisalat Android plan of 1k will only give you 1.5GB amount of data to use. Why stick with that when you can browse with more data with the same amount, and little tweaking.

Now that you’ve setup Etisalat BIS on Android using the above settings, you have to post your comments let others read through your experience with this plan, if it worked or not. If you’re are sceptical about this plans, then try the Etisalat daily BBLITE plan of N70 naira.

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  1. Hi admin I tried the cheat, it worked but I can only use my psiphon browser to browse, Google play doesn’t work, Facebook app, Mozilla, chrome and all the rest

  2. Also, could u show a full setting of the Psiphon? Do I leave the ‘remove port’ option ticked or untucked? Is the custom type, ‘inject’ or ‘default’….

  3. I uave an etisalat subscription running, 3.5gb for 2000. I tried this new codes with Psiphon, but my data was still being deducted

  4. I activated the daily plan at night and I got a message it has expired the next morning.is it not 24hrs? Nd anything to do to improve the speed? Twas slow

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