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How To Setup BlackBerry Subscription On Android For All Network

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We are in a time where BlackBerry phones are gradually moving into extinction, and all BlackBerry subscription on Android phones can as well be at risk of fading away along side these BB OS 7 phones.

We have seen data tariff on various networks reduce tremendously, and this significant feat will immensely play a part in helping the average Nigerian stay connected at all time. Glo currently have 10GB plan for N2500 which seems to be the best, also, a 6GB for N2000 plan. MTN on the other side, introduced the MTN Surprise Plans while Airtel and Etisalat slowly followed up.

Some have quickly forgotten that BlackBerry plans (BIS) are still working and as a fact, betters some of those plans newly introduced by our various ISP.

However, this post is a compilation of all network’s BlackBerry subscription on Android, how to get it done, subscription codes and every other things you need to know concerning these BB subscription plans that works on some MTK & non MTK Android phones.



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Airtel BlackBerry subscription on Android is currently the best, cheap and the most stable of all. Doesn’t require any VPN proxy bypass to function, perhaps it does require IMEI changing  (my IMEI changing guide should solve this though).

With only N1000 on your Airtel line, you will get 3GB of data valid for 30 days. Also, this plan only works on MTK Android phone.

For details on how to setup Airtel Blackberry Plan On Android » CLICK HERE


This is an option for those that have a very strong Glo network signal in their area. Glo Blackberry subscription on Android is second to Airtel. Credits to Glo for this plan, it has been a life saver for a lot until the advent of Glo’s amazing new plans. With N1000 you should get 2GB of data on normal Android plan while Glo BIS plan gives you 3GB for N1,400.

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So, only if you’re going for 6GB for N2000 or 10GB for N2500 etc, this seems quite a better offer than their Android plan if you don’t want to spend beyond your budget.

Note; This plan requires IMEI tweaking and it only works on MTK Android phone.

For details on how to setup Glo Blackberry Plan On Android » CLICK HERE


The Etisalat BIS plans works quite well only that it requires VPN to fully power all apps on your Android device, but the good news is, it works on all MTK Android inclusive of non-MTK Android phones such as Samsung, Motorola and others.

It cost N1000 for 3GB data (Monthly Mlite Plan), but with VPN you can get 6GB and a validity of 30 days. It can be renewed automatically and manually. Also note; there is the daily Dlite (N70) and weekly Wlite (N350) plans that gives the same data of 6GB.

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For details on how to setup Etisalat Blackberry Plan On Android » CLICK HERE


Am sure some of you are pondering why I haven’t mentioned MTN BIS right from the start, MTN BIS is currently not working. We all rocked the MTN BBLITE & BBMIDI plans earlier in 2016 before it got blocked.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed, if there are new development on MTN BIS on Android, be sure to get it here on Naijaknowhow. In the main time check out how to browse free using MTN Game on Psiphon & NetLoop VPN.

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Q. Will Airtel 3GB for N1000 BlackBerry plan work on Blackberry 10 phone?
A. Yes, it works without any tweaking on BB10, smooth and fast.

Q. Can I share hotspot with other device after subscribing for any of the BlackBerry plans on Android?
A. Yes you can (for newbies, you can check how to share data via hotspot here.)

Q. I don’t understand what you mean by MTK and non-MTK phones?
A. MTK phones are phones running Mediatek processors while non MTK phones are phone running processors chips such as Qualcomm, Snapdragon, ARM etc

Q. Is TECNO or Infinix MTK enabled?
A. Most TECNO & Infinix phones are MTK. Other MTK devices are Huawei, InnJoo, Lenovo, Gionee. Infact, most Chinese products comes with Mediatek chipsets.

Q. Is the BB plan renewable on Airtel?
A. Yes, renewal can be done automatically by loading the required amount of N1000 to renew. Also, it can be done at your convenience.

Q. I don’t want to use Glo or Airtel BIS on Android anymore, how do I change back my IMEI?
A. You will have to get your phone’s original IMEI from the back by removing your battery, then follow the same method you used when changing your IMEI to BB IMEI. Although, leaving it doesn’t stop you from using other Android data plans.

Q. My data on Glo BIS is not finished yet, can I add another 3GB plan on the already existing data?
A. You can extend your plan but after 3 renewal extension. You will need to exhaust it for you to resubscribe.

Be smart, browse smart and browse unlimited, all these BB plans listed above are just there for those that believe and are tech savvy. They only require little tweaking. With these plans, you don’t have the right to complain of expensive data charges in Nigeria.

Have a great day, and remember Sharing is Caring.

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