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Delete These 9 Android Apps That Can Steal Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Accounts!

Here is a list of 9 malicious applications on the Play Store. These 9 apps on Android can steal your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts!

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Talking about dangerous applications that contain malware or viruses, there will be no end. The reason is that there will definitely be malicious developers who deliberately release malicious applications in order to get victims who can be hacked. immediately

Well, recently security researchers from Zimperium’s zLabs from Texas have found 9 dangerous Android applications that have been infected by malware called Flytrap.

For those of you who don’t know, this Flytrap malware usually hides as an application that gives free gift coupons or an application to display football matches.

Quoted from The Sun, one of the dangerous things that the malware can do is steal and hack the victim’s social media accounts such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

The following is a list of 9 malicious applications found by Zimperium’s zLabs:

  1. GG Voucher
  2. Vote European Football
  3. GG Coupon Ads
  4. GG Voucher Ads
  5. GG Voucher
  6. Chatfuel
  7. Net Coupon
  8. Net Coupon
  9. Euro 2021 Official

If one of these applications is currently installed on your Android device, then you must immediately delete the application and check whether one of your social media accounts has been hacked or not.

Currently, Zimperium’s zLabs has also reported the malicious application to Google so that these apps can be immediately removed from Play Store.

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