Does LG Want a Smartphone with 16 Cameras?

"Less is more" is a statement that you certainly will not hear at LG. The company is thinking of a smartphone with 16 cameras.

lg camera lenses

The latest smartphone from LG, the V40 ThinQ, is already equipped with five cameras. If you find that a lot, pay attention now that you are not falling from your chair. A patent application has appeared showing that the company may have put its sentences on a smartphone with 16 – no, not 6, but 16 – camera lenses.

At times I wonder what useful innovations are still possible in the smartphone community. And when a smartphone with 16 camera lenses seems to be in prospect, I still wonder. With three cameras on the back of the Mate 20 Pro, Huawei has clearly fired a shot, but this LG plan seems too good to me.

Functions of the lenses

If you (rightly) wonder what you can do with all those cameras then we can give some answers based on that patent application. The cameras would first be arranged in a matrix of 4 × 4 so that an image can be photographed from multiple perspectives at the same time. LG shows in an example that you can choose the best photo from a series or make a single photo from multiple angles. You could also rotate the head of a subject to get the best possible angle.

lg smartphone 16 camera lenses

You could also use that technology to select the head of a person on a photo and then the AI will bring out other photos of that person. Then you can replace the head of the person in the first photo with the head of that person from another photo, where he looks better.

Whether LG is actually working on a smartphone with such a camera setup remains unknown. This patent only indicates that it is actively working on the latest technology. Every smartphone producer tries to tempt consumers with innovations, but the question now is whether people really need a smartphone with 16 camera lenses. And personally, I have my doubts about that.

So tell us what you think about 16 camera lenses via the comment box below, lame or dope?


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