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How to Enable Notepad Dark Mode on Windows (2023)

Reduce eye strain when you enable Notepad Dark Mode on Windows. Follow our quick and easy guide for a productive workspace.

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Notepad is a trusty text editor that most of us have used at one point or another. But, the default white background can be a bit too bright and harsh on the eyes. Luckily, Windows allows you to enable notepad dark mode. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do just that!

Dark Mode has become increasingly popular for its many benefits, including reducing eye strain and conserving battery life. By enabling Dark Mode on Notepad, you can enjoy all these benefits while working on your computer.

Enabling Notepad Dark Mode on Windows is a breeze and takes just a few minutes. With a few clicks, you can switch from the default white background to a sleek and stylish black one. In this article on Naijaknowhow, we’ll show you the steps you need to follow to enable Notepad dark mode on Windows. So, without further ado, let’s delve right in!

How to Enable Notepad Dark Mode on Windows

The main focus now shifts to enabling the dark mode in Notepad if you are a Windows 11 user. In case you’re not sure how to do it, read on to follow the guide. We have outlined a few straightforward steps below that will enable you to turn on the dark mode in Notepad on your Windows system.

Enable Notepad Dark Mode on Windows 11

Enabling dark mode on Windows 11 is a breeze, and there are two distinct methods to accomplish it. We’ve listed below two ways to activate Notepad’s dark mode on Windows 11.

  • Begin by accessing the Windows 11 search bar and typing in “Notepad.” From the list of results, select the Notepad application to open it.

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  • Alternatively, you can open Notepad directly from your desktop by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing “New > Notepad.”
  • Once Notepad is open, locate and click on the Settings gear icon located at the top-right corner of the application.

  • In the Notepad Settings menu, click on “App Theme.”
  • Under the App Theme section, you will see three options: Light, Dark, and Use System Setting. To activate dark mode, select the “Dark” option.

Enable Notepad Dark Mode on Windows

  • If you prefer Notepad to follow your system’s theme, select the “Use System Setting” option.

Now, this is how you can enable dark mode for your notepad on Windows 11. But if this procedure does not work for you, then look to the next step below.

How to Enable Notepad Dark Mode from Settings

In case you encounter any difficulties opening the Notepad Settings screen, you can still activate the dark theme by accessing the Windows 11 Settings. Follow these steps to do so.

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  • Open the Windows Search and choose the Settings option.

  • Move to the Personalization section in the Settings window.

  • On the right-hand side, click on ‘Colors‘.

Enable Notepad Dark Mode

  • From the drop-down menu of ‘Choose your mode‘, choose ‘Dark‘.

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You’re all done! Following this procedure will help you enable dark mode on your Notepad if you run Windows 11. It is easy and very effective.

Enable Notepad Dark Mode on Windows 10

So, you might have noticed that not all Windows 10 builds have the dark theme option for Notepad. But don’t worry, you can still enable it with a few tweaks in the Ease of Access Settings.

Now, some people might prefer the high contrast feature for a dark theme, but let’s be real, it’s not for everyone. So, if you’re looking to get a sleek black Notepad on your Windows 10, keep on reading!

  • Begin by pressing the Windows Key + I button to open Windows Settings.
  • Once you have accessed Windows Settings, navigate to the Ease of Access option.
  • Within the Ease of Access section, select the High Contrast option on the left-hand pane.
  • Under the Use high contrast section, activate the toggle switch for ‘Turn on high contrast’.

There’s nothing else to be done. If your PC runs on Windows 10, this method will help you enable dark mode on your notepad with ease. Do give it a try!


Enabling Notepad Dark Mode on Windows can greatly improve your writing experience by reducing eye strain and providing a more aesthetically pleasing environment. With the steps shared in this article, you can customize the appearance of Notepad to fit your preferences and take advantage of this useful feature.

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