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7 Best Gaming Android Phones Under 100K in Nigeria

If you're looking for a gaming android device under the 100,000 naira budget. Well, I've got you covered as I'll be listing the best gaming Android phones under 100,00 in Nigeria.

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Playing games on Android has seen us evolve from the days of Candy Crush or Angry Birds into something a bit more intense and addictive. Nowadays there’s a change in the Android gaming system.

And with high-end games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile or even PES 2021 all available on Android, we’ve seen phone manufacturers focus more on developing Android phones that are capable of playing games.

Perhaps you love gaming on Android but don’t know which Android device is budget-friendly enough to play games like PUBG and co. Well, I’ve got you covered as I’ll be listing the best gaming Android phones under 100,00 in Nigeria.

For a device to be labelled a gaming device, it must meet up with some requirements and these requirements are the essential features people look at before buying any Android device.

In this article, I’ll be listing some of the best budget gaming Android phones you can buy under 100,000 in Nigeria.

Gaming Android phones under 100,000 in Nigeria

The phone’s I’ll be listing here are phone’s that’ll meet up with your budget, and aside from gaming, you can use them to multitask and also take some high-quality pictures and videos.

1. Redmi Note 8

gaming android phones

Redmi Note 8 is a device you can consider to be a budget-friendly gaming device. It’s a device I’m using and still using. Purchased on Jumia around 58,000naira, I can tell you this device is very much okay to play any Android games.

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Redmi Note 8 comes with Snapdragon 665, 4/64GB and a whopping 4000mah battery, it’s a device you can enjoy smooth gaming on. Redmi Note 8 as of last week is priced around 85,000naira on Jumia, but it’s still a good device for gaming.

2. Realme 6i

Realme 6i

If you’re not a fan of Realme yet, then maybe you should start buying a Realme device. But if you’re looking for an Android device to play games and won’t cost you much, then you should consider Realme 6i as an option. in terms of storage, I’d have chosen this over Redmi not 8 because it has 128GB ROM and that seems better.

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Realme 6i comes with a 5000mah battery, Helio G80 chipset, 4GB ram and a 48MP quadcore camera, which means it’s a phone capable of handling games and taking cool pictures and as well multitask. You can get this device for nothing less than 75,000 on Jumia.

3. Nokia 5.3

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Nokia 5.3

You might want to change your mind about Nokia Android devices as their devices stay as one of the best to buy in the phone market these days. Nokia 5.3 on the other hand is a very cool price Android device with nice specs and at the same time very affordable.

Nokia 5.3 comes with snapdragon 665, 6GB/64GB memory and 4000mah battery and you can get this device for nothing less than 66,220 on Jumia. Nokia 5.3 can handle a couple of high-end games and that makes it a very good gaming device under 100,00 in Nigeria.

4. Oppo Realme 6

Oppo Realme 6

Oppo Realme 6 with Helio G80 chipset is one of the few Android devices out there with prospects, this device is very catchy in terms of features, and for the price, it’s considerable enough and it’s worth buying. For gaming purpose or for pictures purpose, you’ll love it.

Oppo Realme 6 is priced around 95,000naira on Jumia and this phone comes with a 4300mah battery, 4GB/128GB memory and a 6.5-inch screen size that’ll give you good graphics when playing games. Oppo Realme 6 is one of the budget-friendly android devices that is good for gaming.

5. Redmi Note 9

gaming android phones

Redmi Note 9!!!. You probably wouldn’t expect it to be on the list, but why shouldn’t it be added? well, it has to and just because it’s more of a new device and the price on stores seem a bit scary, I’ll tell you it’s a good device suitable for gaming, taking pictures and multitasking as much as you want.

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Redmi Note 9 comes with bigger specs compared to Redmi Note 8, Redmit Note 9 comes with an Helio G85 processor, 4GB/128GB memory and 2.0GHz. Very powerful to handle any Android games. This phone doesn’t seem a bit too expensive as you can get it on Jumia for nothing less than 88,350naira. and it ships from abroad.

6. Umidigi 9 Pro

Umidigi 9 Pro

Umidigi phones have been surprising lately, and their latest editions of Android phones are very much eyecatching and affordable at the same time. If you want to play games smoothly on an Android device, then Umidigi 9 Pro isn’t a bad option for you if you can afford it.

Umidigi 9 Pro runs on an Helio P60 processor, 6GB/128GB memory big enough to store files and handle multitasking, and you can get this device for nothing less than 71,900 on Jumia. You can even get it delivered to you very fast because it’s an Express Delivery.

7. Umidigi Bison

gaming android phones

You probably want something smooth and powerful enough to play that PUBG Mobile that has been lagging on your previous or current Android device, Well as a low budget person who wants a good phone to play games, I’ll suggest Umidigi Bison as an ultimate solution. This device is one of the coolest Android devices out there to play games smoothly.

Umidigi Bison runs on an Helio P60 octa-core processor, 6GB/128GB memory and you can get this device for nothing less than 82,910 on Jumia. Not just about playing games alone, you can as well use this device to take quality pictures and also do many tasks on it.


As far as I know, these are still the best low budget gaming Android phones I know of, there are a couple of devices out there that I didn’t list, but I’ll appreciate comments and will try my best to update the article with any unlisted Android phones.


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