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Google Is Developing a ‘Switch to Android’ App for iOS Devices

It is stated that Google is developing an application called Switch to Android that helps move data from iPhone to Android. Learn more!

Currently, Apple has an application called Move to iOS which is presented so that Android users can transfer their data from Android devices to iOS if they want to move to iPhone.

Of course, the presence of this application helps Android users who really want to move to the iPhone, so this application allows data on the Android smartphone to be moved more easily.

However, it seems that Google also doesn’t want to lose, based on a report from 9to5Google, it is stated that Google is also developing a similar application called Switch to Android.

switch from android to ios

Just like Move to iOS, Switch to Android will later have a function to move data from iPhone to Android device more easily. How to use it is also quite easy. Users are said to only need to download the application from the App Store, then connect the two devices on the same WiFi network.

From leaks circulating, it is stated that Switch to Android can be used to transfer data from applications, SMS messages, contacts, and even backup passwords for iTunes.

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