Google Hide Coronavirus Application Search Results


Google took the next step related to the distribution of coronavirus information on Android, by hiding search results with certain keywords in the Play Store.

So far, the keywords whose search results are hidden are ‘coronavirus’ and COVID-19′, both in the Play Store app and A search with these keywords will display the message ‘no results found’, both in the application or game section.

While a search on the Movie, TV Show, or book continues to function normally, as quoted from 9to5 Google, Wednesday (3/4/2020).

Even so, searches with keywords that were slightly changed, for example ‘COVID19’ still show results, including applications belonging to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Then in the search bar still displayed searches with keywords related to Coronavirus.

covid19 search result play store
“COVID19” search result on Play Store – Credit: Naijaknowhow

There are several possibilities of this being done by Google, one of which is to avoid the dissemination of incorrect information related to the coronavirus from the Android application. It’s possible that Google is still curbing the results of the coronavirus on the Play Store, so the CDC’s application, which is an official disease control agency of the United States government, still appears.

Previously, precisely in January, Google activated SOS Alert for all searches related to the coronavirus in their search engine. The aim is to avoid spreading incorrect information about the coronavirus from their search engine.

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