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Getting Your First Hoverboard: The Ultimate Buying Guide

This article provides a buyer-guide on getting the best Hoverboard. Here is what to consider.

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Hoverboards are becoming essential for individuals living in towns, used as sports or means of transport. Hoverboards are considered the best transportation mode in short distances because they are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and portable. However, as a first buyer, it will become challenging to know the right type to buy since we have different makes, brands, and sizes. Since they cost a fortune, you would want to make the best choice to get value for your money. This article provides a buyer-guide on getting the best Hoverboard. Here is what to consider.


Safety should be your number one priority when choosing hoverboards. You don’t want to buy something that will leave you with injuries, broken bones, or missing teeth. Before paying for a Hoverboard, ensure it has the certification mark for safety, usually done to most home use products. Some of the previously done hoverboards caught fire while in use or lacked speed control, endangering its users’ lives. The current hoverboards are manufactured using the best materials and have safety features that prevent them from burning and losing control. Get one that’s fitted with these features to guarantee your safety.


You need the best hoverboards with the least speed or controllable speed to avoid it racing you down as a beginner. Most hoverboards come with speeds ranging from 6mph to 15mph, with those with speeds greater than ten mph considered to be a bit faster. According to this review of the best Hoverboard for a beginner, you need to consider something you can grow with and with a modern design. Leave the sophisticated hoverboards to the adventurous riders and the skilled riders. A 6mph hoverboard will make you feel like racing with the wind. You can practice with it and get something fast as you improve on the riding skills. These slow ones work well, and you can use them in hilly areas and steep terrain without much struggle.

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Price determines all. You might want the best Hoverboard with technological and other advanced features, but your budget may recap you. The best hoverboards can go over 1000 dollars while the cheapest can be slightly over $300 (approx. N114,000 naira in Nigeria). The higher its price, the better will be its performance. But since you are just a beginner in the game, you can pick the lowest priced and find a better one when you improve your riding skills.

Other than this, you can go for the second-hand hoverboards, or rent one, which is better for training, and then get a new one after mastering the hovering skills. Other than saving money, you will reduce the risks of damaging your new Hoverboard while training.

Additional Features

Which other features do you require for your Hoverboard? That’s one question you need to ask yourself before hitting the market. It might be you want a modern hoverboard with technological features or a basic, plain hoverboard with few essential components. Some of the best features that come with hoverboards include Bluetooth connectivity with speakers to listen to your favourite music while riding or LED lights to differentiate movements and colour your Hoverboard. You must also know that these features come with additional pricing. If you are low on budget, you can consider having a basic hoverboard to upgrade it later.


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Not all hoverboards carry the same weight. Most of the standard hoverboards in the market carry at least 220 pounds. If you are within that range or lower, you can choose the standard hoverboards. However, if you are overweight, over 220 pounds, you can consider going for the advanced sizes that carry 300 pounds. Other than this, you can get customized hoverboards that carry massive people. You will have to pay more for the larger hoverboards because of their make and material used.

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Checking the Best Hoverboard

Your needs and requirements will determine the type of Hoverboard to buy. Some of the factors you need to consider are their wheel size, battery capacity, charging time, after-sales services from the seller, and other related items depending on your needs. Other than all these essentials, it would be best if you also considered its safety. A hoverboard might be having all the necessary components but might not be safe. Ensure the relevant safety bodies have approved your choice.

Besides buying your Hoverboard, you need to take care of it to last longer and serve you well. You need to maintain it clean, charged, and serviced at all times. Experts recommend following the manual that came with it at the time of purchase. When you follow this guide well, you will end up with a perfect hoverboard that will serve you well for a long time. We hope the tips will help you as you make your purchasing decision.


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