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How to Browse Unlimited on Etisalat PayG with only N15

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Unlimited browsing on Etisalat PayG is still blazing hot! You don’t have to worry about how much data you download or upload, there isn’t any data restriction or capping attached to this plan, many of us are already familiar with this unlimited browsing package from Etisalat NG which goes for just N15! Yes ‘Fifteen Naira’!!!

This plan have been available for a while now but a lot of don’t know much about this. Am going to show you how to subscribe to this plan so as to enjoy unlimited browsing on your devices (Android, iPhone, PC and Tablets) mean while Etisalat Social Me pack is yet available for all lovers of Facebook, Whatsapp and BBM.

How does it work?

Every 5 minutes, 15 naira is deducted from your account. Let’s say you’ve browsed for a total of 30 minutes, that should be 30min/5min x N15 = N90.

How fast is Etisalat PayG?

Etisalat PayG internet speed is crazily fast, the least I can assure you is 1Mbps though in region of good Etisalat reception, you should get about 5Mbps.

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Do you know? Simple server still rocks on MTN bis, click to see configuration.


Step 1

You must be on Etisalat EasyCliq to use this package. (If you’re not on EasyCliq dial *244*1# to migrate to EasyCliq)

Step 2

Subscribe to Etisalat PayG by dialing *229*5*7# on your phone. (A confirmation SMS will be sent to you to verify your subscription to Etisalat PayG)

Step 3

Recharge your device with any amount provided its above the required amount (N15)

Step 4

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Start browsing and enjoy unlimited surfing right away.

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If you’re ever tired of using this plan, kindly dial *229*0# to deactivate Etisalat PayG plan.

NOTE: I recommend this plan for those that really engage in heavy internet activities such as downloading movies and musical albums, streaming videos, software updates/download, torrents files and lots more. Also remember to set your connection to 3G only so as to ensure a very fast internet speed.

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Be smart cause it calculates time and not speed but I must admit Etisalat holds the best and fastest mobile internet service in Nigeria. You can ask me any related question if you’re lost.

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