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Why you Should not Laminate Certificates and other Vital Documents

There are certainly things you never knew about laminating documents, after reading this article, you definitely going to have doubts about laminating your next document...

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This post contains reasons why you should not laminate certificates and other documents, am sure it will convince you not to ever laminate certificates & documents again.

I was reading through some posts on Nairaland when I saw a question asked by a Nairalander, he wanted to know the “effects of lamination of certificates?” Then, I decided to write about the major disadvantages why you should not laminate certificates and other vital documents.

What Is Lamination?
Lamination is a process whereby thin layers of transparent polythene nylon is joined together to protect paper documents such as certificates, results, testimonials etc.

Why Do People Laminate Certificates?
Here are some important reasons why people seem to laminate their certificates/documents below…

1. Lamination protects paper materials from getting damaged by fluid, dust/dirts, grease and hampered edges.

2. It’s believed that lamination elongates the life span of important document like certificates, results and so on.

3. It improves the strength, quality and appearance of the product.

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There are more to it but those are the most important reasons why people often opt in for a lamination. A lot of people make believe what isn’t supposed to be true. However, laminating certificates, pictures and other paper materials isn’t utterly advantageous, there are cons attached to it. Below are reasons you should not laminate certificates & other documents.

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