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How to Root TECNO Camon C8 Android Device Easily

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The TECNO Camon C8 is a new TECNO device that was built with a different chipset from the others making it very difficult to root with the usual Kingroot app, here is how to root TECNO Camon C8 Android device easily.

The TECNO Camon C8 comes with an MT67*** chipset making rooting hard. See tips below on how to go about it and also this method should work on all Android device that runs MediaTek 67*** chipset.


Before you proceed, I want you to know that…

I may not be held responsible for anything that happens while carrying out this process on your device, be careful and follow instruction.

In cases of bricking your device, read this before proceeding in rooting your TECNO Camon C8 or other MT67*** chipsets.

1. Download this zip file here. (it contains SU)
2. Copy/Move file to SD card.
3. Power off your android device.
4. Boot to recovery, to do that hold down Power button + Volume up, (it may differ in other android device running the same chipset)
5. Navigate and select Recovery mode (Volume up = Navigate while Volume down = Select)
6. Navigate and select “Apply update from SD card(Volume up & down = navigate while Power button = Select)
7. Select zip file you copied/moved to your SD card.
8. Immediately after the update has taken place, it will automatically take you back to Recovery screen.
9. Navigate and click Reboot system.
10. That’s all, after reboot, SU must have been flashed into your device.

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If you’re successful in carrying out those steps, then you have succeeded in rooting your TECNO Camon C8 device. If your own a TECNO Camon C5, this method should help you root it.


Note that you do not need root to change your device’s IMEI, just follow the steps below and make sure you have a blackberry IMEI before starting the procedure. (Generate BlackBerry imei here)

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1. Download and install MTK engineering mode via Google Play store.
2. Open and click on MTK Settings.
3. Navigate to connectivity.
4. Select CDS information.
5. Select Radio Information.
6. Choose either Phone 1 or 2.
For Phone 1: “AT+ EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”
For Phone 2: “AT+ EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”

NOTE: Make sure you add a space in between AT+ and EGMR

7. Press the “Send At Command” (You should receive a message that your ‘AT command sent)
8. Reboot and dial *#06# to confirm your new IMEI.

Click here for more info on how to change TECNO Camon C8 imei with screenshots or click to watch video tutorial.

Warning!!!! I want you to know that, incremental OTA updates after flashing SU may affect your device so do not update your device unless its an update that requires your to change ROMs and that should be done only if there are available ROMs to flash into your device.

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Experience issues? Use the comment box.

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