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How To Detect Fast Or Slow Phone Charger

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Fast or slow phone charger? This is something many people out there don’t know. Do you actually know why your phone takes a life time to charge up? This piece of information should reveal to you why you should use the right charger for the right device and how to actually detect fast or slow phone charger.

You have to know that not all charger charges equally, it differs in Ah/v. Some mobile chargers takes less than an hour to hit 100% while some will take more than 2 hours. All of this depends on some factors but first I will show you how to detect fast or slow charger. Read how to speed up charging on any device.


Let me just go straight to the point; most chargers comes with a power rating system which many of us actually overlook. There is usually a label or info imprinted at the back of our mobile chargers.

Below are some samples charger power ratings…

Sample 1: 5.0V – 0.9A / 5V – 900mA

Sample 2: 5.0V – 1.0A / 5V – 1000mA

Sample 3: 5.0V – 1.9A / 5V – 1900mA

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Sample 4: 5.0V – 2.0A / 5V – 2000mA

Don’t worry you don’t have to know much sciences to understand this.

Sample 1 & 2 will be deemed as slow chargers if you’re actually using them on a battery capacity above > 2000mAh but sample 3 & 4 could well be seen as fast chargers if used on a device with a battery capacity of 2500mAh.

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Duration of charging batteries depends on your battery capacities, chargers and some other factors which I will further examine below. Am sure many of you would want to ask this question so let’s see below how its works..

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Lets assume you use a Sample 2 charger on a battery capacity of 2500mAh?

Charging Duration = Battery Capacity / Charger Power Output

…ie, Charging Duration = 2500mAh/1000mA

Charging Duration = 2.5h which is equivalent to 2 hours 30 mins (too slow).

Now do the calculation for sample 4 charger on the same battery capacity, you should be getting a charge duration of an (1) hour.

Consider this before plugging any charger to your phone.

Some phones are not actually built to contain any sort of charger and here are things you should and shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t use 2.1A changers for batteries below 2500mAh. Its takes in chargers faster but can’t keep it so… This only works if your device runs the Qualcomm quick charge technology, if not… Don’t try it at all.

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2. Use 1.0A for batteries of 1000mAh – 2000mAh. Slow but steady and lasts longer after charging (Recommended)

3. Use the correct charger intended for your device’s battery.

4. Don’t use chargers with excessively high power ratings to charge your device.. This could lead to flame, wear or swollen battery.

Some swollen batteries, worn, damaged batteries and replaced batteries were all as a result of failing to obey some of the points discussed above.

Now that you know that a good charger is the base for a durable battery you should also read how to speed up charging even when you’re using a fast or slow phone charger.

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Don’t forget there are lots of external power sources with different capacities for backups, power banks, wireless chargers, solar chargers and so on.

In Conclusion: Now that you have seen all this, why damage your battery ignorantly, follow all the tips above if you want your battery to last longer.

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