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How to Install And Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On Android

Did you know you can use two (2) WhatsApp accounts both at once? Click here to see how to install and run multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android phone.

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WhatsApp messenger is one of the most used chat clients in the world, it grants you the ability to transfer files, share pictures, music, videos easily and most importantly ‘chatting’. A lot of questions have been asked on how to install and run multiple WhatsApp account on Android phone. Did you know you can use two(2) WhatsApp app all at once?

To be honest with you, WhatsApp has been my favourite chat app due to its ability to perform multiple functions and not only chatting. WhatsApp has also including a calling feature which makes it all round, far much interesting than BBM.


It’s very easy to run more than one WhatsApp accounts on your Android device, even though there is a restriction to the number of WhatsApp account (One) you may use on your Android device …However, we have devised a means to go round it, here are the requirements you must have to perform this function effectively.


1. Must have an Android device that supports a dual SIM functionality (One SIM phones should make sure both SIMs are working).
2. File Manager / X-plore / ES File Explorer
3. GBWhatsapp.

This particular method requires GBWhatsApp to be installed on your device, GBWhatsApp is an Android app that looks exactly like the normal WhatsApp, with this app installed you can use two separate WhatsApp accounts on your single Android device and this method doesn’t require rooting. it works best on popular devices such as TECNO, Infinix, Lenovo, Injoo, Huawei and other Android brands that supports dual SIM functionality though Single SIM phone users can also give it a try.

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1. SIMs (2) to be used must be ON for verification.

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2. Take a full backup of your Whatsapp data and chat history(backup will be restored when done). Go to original WhatsApp >> Settings >> Chat Settings >> Backup Chats to backup full Whatsapp conversation.

3. Delete all the Whatsapp data by going to Settings >> Apps >> WhatsApp >> Clear Data.

4. Now go to SD card folder, locate and rename the /sdcard/WhatsAppdirectory to /sdcard/GBWhatsApp. This can be done with your default File manager, X-plore or ES File Explorer.

5. Next is to uninstall your original/default WhatsApp app.

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6. Download and Install install GBWhatsApp in your Android phone. (Unlock download link above)

7. Once GBWhatsApp installation is complete, open and verify number that was previously registered with the original WhatsApp on GBWhatsApp.

8. Lastly, re-install the official WhatsApp app for your other number from the Play store or saved apk or collect from a friend using Xender.

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Simply Amazing!!! That’s everything you need to know on how to install and run multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android, you can now enjoy two separate WhatsApp accounts for different numbers on your single or dual SIM(s) Android device without even rooting your Android device.

If you think this trick is truly amazing, don’t hesitate to LIKE and SHARE, use the comment box if you experience any glitch in configuring it.

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