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How To Read Whatsapp Messages Without Your Friends Knowing

See methods on how to read whatsapp messages without your friend knowing...

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Here is a tip from NKH on how to read WhatsApp messages without your recipients knowing when you read them.. Sometimes, we want to be able to read messages without any sign of it being read by us.

Am sure we all know that the blue sign normally appear when you read your messages on WhatsApp, and with the blue tick, it means your friend/girlfriend will know you’ve read them. Perhaps, to send a different motive across to them, to make them think you have not even opened nor read them… This post is going to show you the trick to do to read WhatsApp messages secretly without notice!

Less story told, contained in this post are two methods on how to achieve that on WhatsApp..


Method 1

This method is Naijaknowhow’s tip on how to go about it…

When you get receive WhatsApp message notification from a friend, do this…

  • Do not open notification or WhatsApp app.
  • Switch on Airplane/Aeroplane mode (Airplane mode automatically disable access to WiFi, Internet and Network signals)
  • Open WhatsApp message
  • After reading through all the messages close WhatsApp totally.
  • Afterwards, you can go on to turn off Airplane mode.

Open next page to see method 2..

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