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How to Identify Original And Fake USB Cables

With fake USB cords, you will likely experience delay in charging. Here is how to fish out fake or original USB cables.

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USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a cable used to connect your device to your PC while some people use it for charging. Its functionality vary from one cable to another due to differences in its build. Do you particularly know how to identify original and fake USB cables or cords?

If you aren’t using the quality USB cords you will likely experience delay in charging or experience partial contact while connected to your device, have you read my post on how to speed up charging on your Android device. Some of these fake cords can also make your device extremely hot when plugged in. So this brings me to the discovery on how you will identify original and fake USB cables before buying them.

How to Identify Original USB Cables/Cords

When you take a good look at your USB , you will see two holes that reveals the bus/contact. What you should look out for is the colour of the conductor inside it. If its colour is gold then that means its copper. Copper has relatively high conductivity and tensile strength than aluminium

“Before buying a USB cable make sure the contact inside is Gold in colour and not Aluminum.”

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