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How To Root Android 5.1 & 6.0 Device With Kingroot V4.6.5

Kingroot has been one of the most reliable easy-to-use rooting kit on Android device even though some devices finds it very difficult to be rooted by this app. Here comes the latest version of Kingroot V4.6.5. Works perfectly on any operating system between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1.

What to expect..

  • First to support Android 6.0, to enhance the success rate of obtaining Root
  • Comprehensive upgrade from Kai management and pre-uninstall features
  • Root enhance security capabilities, the software run more secure.
  • Updating the software architecture, the standby memory footprint reduction of 45.
  • Root Android 5.1 lollipop.

Note: This doesn’t mean KINGROOT will root all device, if it doesn’t root your Android, try other alternative.



Step 1

Download and install Kingroot apk from link below. (Don’t panic with the Chinese language.)

Step 2

After successful installation, run the application and wait for Kingroot v4.6.5 to fully analyze your Android device. (Wait for a few seconds you will atke your to a window all written in Chinese)

Step 3

Next is to click on the Big Green Circle on your device that says Root. (wait for a few minutes and make sure you have a good internet)

Step 4

After a while, a big green tick mark will appear, this simply means that your device has been successfully rooted with the help of Kingroot v4.6.5.

Take note of the king user app, it will be installed for super user access. Immediately after successfully rooting your device.

Follow this link to download older versions of Kingroot applications.

To verify root access on your device.

Go to playstore then search for Rootchecker or download and install, open and hit VERIFY ROOT..

Awaiting your positive responses, have comments? use the comment box. Good luck!

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