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How To Sign Up For Netflix In Nigeria

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Netflix is a paid TV streaming platform generally used in watching online programs, dramas, movies etc, directly on your mobile phones, tablets, TV or desktop device.

The Netflix company has included Nigeria amongst over 130 other countries, this post will show you how to sign up for Neflix in Nigeria so as to enjoy unlimited streaming on the go.

To get started you will need to download the Neflix app from the Google Play Store or if using apple devices download from Apple App Store or visit the Netflix website to sign up by clicking on…

“Start Your Free Month.”

Step 2: Select your desired plan and enter all your payment details.

There are basically three different types of Netflix plans, each came with its own special features. See below each plans and features.

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Subscribing to any of the plans below, you have access;

To watching on your laptop, phones, TV and tablets, to unlimited movies and TV shows, first month free and can cancel anytime.

See differences below…

Basic Plan (Price: US$7.99 per month)

With this plan, you can only stream from only one (1) of your devices at a time. You cannot stream in HD or Ultra HD.

Standard Plan (Price: US$9.99 per month)

You can stream HD videos. You can stream from only two (2) devices at a time.

Premium Plans (Price: US$11.99 per month)

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You can stream in HD and Ultra HD. You can stream from only four (4) devices at a time.

Those are the simple steps on how to sign up for Netflix in Nigeria, this platform will need you to subscribe for a very good data plan that enables one to stream without limitation. On that note, you might want to see the best and most preferred plan to help you stream Netflix in Nigeria.

NB: Your free one month offer starts when you click ‘Start Membership.’ You can cancel your membership at anytime during that first month and you will not be charged. Netflix will email you three days before your free trial ends to remind you.

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