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Facebook Username | How To Set A Facebook Username For Profile Or Page

Facebook has been one of the most popular social media website and a large number of people go in and out of it every day, the issue of creating a Facebook username is not new to us because a lot of its users have already set their Facebook username to so to aid them fast and easy login phase. My aim is to teach the non tech savvy individuals why and how they should go about setting up a username for their accounts.

Facebook username are quite different from your real names or page name on Facebook, these are names you provide to help you create a defined Facebook URL such as www.facebook.com/naijaknowhow. They are usually your nicknames, pet-name, brand name or anything that will help people find you easily. Looking at the sample web address above; “naijaknowhow” serves as a username for that account. Naijaknowhow is a brand name for this blog, so depending on what you like, you can easily create one either for your profile or page(s) because such links can be used to access your profile directly by typing in as seen in your browser’s address bar. These usernames can further be used to log into your Facebook accounts instead of typing your full emails.

Why do I need a Facebook Username?

  1. It helps you to create a Facebook web address so that people can access your account directly without having to search for your name.
  2. You can login to Facebook without hassle using this username, shorter time compared to entering your full email.
  3. Creates and identity for your pages.

Since Facebook usernames serves a lot of purpose and help to accessibility of your accounts, I am quickly going to show you how you can create a Facebook username easily.


Creating username is very simple, you should see steps below.

Step 1

Visit www.facebook.com/username on your web browser

Step 2

There is availability to create a username for your profile and pages you manage. If profile, select username for profile, however if you intend to create a username for a page, you must pick the page from the drop down menu.

Step 3

Create a username for your profile or page. Choose and unique and a well-structured username for your Facebook profile.Check availability of the username preferred by clicking on check availability, if not taken proceed to step 4 but if chosen, you will have to tweak the username until you get a username that has not been chosen.

Step 4

Confirm your username.

NB: Facebook username can only be changed once, this means that after you have created a username for the first time, you will only get one more chance to alter it again. So be very careful with your choice of username.

Facebook Usernames are nice and they generally save you a lot of time, also they helps in terms of giving out names instead of your Facebook custom URL. If you don’t have a Facebook username, kindly go and create one for yourself before all your desired usernames are chosen.

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