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I Can’t Live Without My Smartphone; Here’s Why!

This post contains importance of smartphone & how it plays a significant role in my life. See details »

This post contains importance of smartphone & how it plays a significant role in my life. See the things I use my smartphone to do and how it has been a vital tool for me »

Smartphones have done a lot more good than harm in my life, my phone is my only true friend, it’s very honest, very friendly, always keeps me company, helps me solve simple life problems and also a money-making machine. Owning a gadget that have the qualities of a friend is astonishing, isn’t it?

My title claims, “I can’t live without my smartphone” and yeah, I mean it. My phone is literally part of my life because it helps me in so many different ways which I will list down below.

Here’s Why I Can’t Live Without My Smartphone

This enlisted points below are how I’ve utilized my phone to the brim…you will find the importance of smartphone in my life by clicking the next button above to toggle pages.

blog niche sample10. Make Money Online

Already, I can sense that expression on your face, the moment when you here money is involved! Haha!!! Got you.

Anyway, it’s nothing new that there are folks out there making money directly from their mobile phones, why won’t I? Why can’t you? My smartphone is a bringer of wealth by converting all your efforts and time to cash. I had previously written a post on different ways on how to make money online, so you might want to check that post out and see how to integrate it on your smartphone.

9. Display Works To Prospective Clients

Architecture and design is my life, and my smartphone serves as a tool to liaise with prospective clients. How do I mean? I use my phone to preview my previous architecture/graphic design works to clients through and it pays off. Large phone screen displays comes in handy for such mission, thus allowing you to display them in very large sizes.

During first meeting, my smartphone helps me to presents my work in a very organised manner, and ensures I get the job. This is definitely something I cannot live without.

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