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iPhone For Business – Everything That All Entrepreneurs Should Know

This article reveals the potential applications of the iPhone for business and highlights the benefits of these devices for entrepreneurs. 

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For a long time, the iPhone has been considered not only a fancy mobile phone but also a powerful device for both your everyday life and business. Even though Windows has been a top choice for business purposes, now, many companies of any scale switch to using iOS and macOS devices. Apple devices are strong competitors to Windows ones in terms of efficiency.

In this article, we are going to talk about the potential applications of the iPhone for business and highlight the benefits of these devices for entrepreneurs.

How to use an iPhone for business purposes?

We can compare an iPhone with a fully-equipped computer that can fulfil your business needs if you install all the necessary apps. Here are just a few examples of must-have mobile apps for your mobile phone.

Fax app for iPhone

FAX from iPhone

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You can turn your iPhone into a portable fax without compromising the quality of your documents. All you need is to install a special app from an iOS App store. Making fax from my iPhone is a great way to share documents fast and effectively from any place and without having to buy any special equipment. Fax App is an excellent choice for those who have to deal with lots of paperwork on a daily basis.

‎FAX from iPhone: Fax App
‎FAX from iPhone: Fax App
Developer: IT Research
Price: Free+



Without any doubt, Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps for iPhone devices. It is useful for entrepreneurs or people who want to streamline the note-taking process with user-friendly features.

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Users can take notes, add their different media, including photos, enable notifications, create lists, chat with other users and do much more with this app. Using only your mobile phone camera, you can easily scan and manage your documents, business cards, notes, and such.

Citrix GoTo MyPC

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Citrix’s GoToMyPC app gives remote access to your desktop devices from your mobile phone or tablet device. It means that your computer is still accessible even if you don’t have it with you. If you plan on using an iPhone for business, this app should be included in your bare essentials.

Users get access to all their files and folders, and network services you require while you are far from your PC. The interface has initially been designed for the small screen, so it’s effortless to navigate with just your finger as a mouse. The app allows you to zoom in on your screen up to 300x so that you can see literally everything on your mobile device.

On top of all that, you can add new documents on your PC from your mobile phone or tablet. Autocorrection is also available as well as copying and pasting between different documents.

‎GoToMyPC - Remote Access
‎GoToMyPC - Remote Access

Are iPhones good for business?

iPhone 12 Pro Rear
Back view of the latest iPhone 12 Pro smartphone (photo / Unsplash / Onur Binay)
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Although Windows devices are a common choice for the majority of users, iOS devices also have many competitive advantages. Let us have a closer look at them together.


It can be hard to switch from Android to iOS, but most users claim that iOS is more usable. It is very easy to set up and manage an Apple account. The iPhone menus are easy to navigate, and it’s easy to connect to other accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram to make your mobile phone a one-stop shop for managing your business.

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Great performance

The iPhone’s high battery performance is one of the biggest advantages of these devices. The processing time is much shorter compared with Windows or Android devices. This makes you feel more comfortable and the ability to charge your phone with a wireless charger is a big plus.

Excellent built-in software

While Android devices have pretty basic built-in functionality, iPhones are well-equipped for business purposes. Popular pre-installed iOS software helps users take photos, create music, and edit videos. For businesses, even basic pre-installed apps can become game-changing for user experience.

Constant updates and timeless design

New iOS versions include new helpful features or improved old functionality for users. If you have certain concerns about iPhone features, they are very likely to be enhanced in the future. Moreover, the functionality of each new iPhone model is getting more and more convenient as well as developing a more user-oriented interface.

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